Chris Duffy and his Nike Shoes

Did you get a chance to see this photo in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today?

Take a better look by clicking the photo on the left to view it at full scale. Take a really good look – what do you see?

Yep – Nike shoes.

And they even look like the same type shoe Andrew McCutchen was seen hobbling around the diamond in last July.

I mentioned in my "Is McCutchen Littlefield’s Next Victim" post that Lastings Milledge’s dad stated Lastings had to toss his team issued Nike’s away because he was encountering all kinds of heel and leg problems running bases with them on. There is simply no heel support, he said.

Evidently, many of the NY Mets farm hands have tossed them too.

You have to wonder if Duffy is having any of the same symptoms.

No matter – it is nice to hear Chris is running bases again. But, before he runs any more, he needs to tie his shoe strings first. Huh? (hint.. hint)


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