BA’s Top 50

Baseball America released their top 100 prospects for 2006 and there were few surprises except for possibly Chris Young jumping up a ton of notches from 2005.

I often hear Pirate fans say ‘oh, I wish we had taken him instead’ when looking over Top prospect lists. I know I shiver everytime I hear Steven Drew’s name mentioned remembering Jack will be gone after 2007. Anyway, to make it easy for all of us wishers, I have listed BA’s top 50 along with who we took instead.

n/a = this was a draft pick ahead of ours that year so not applicable;




    I’d say the Pirates did a pretty good job drafting then. The fact is…most of the people we took ahead of the people listed here have already made first appearances in the big leagues…maholm, burnett, gorzy. The other few are still where they should be – N. Walker. We are still awaiting on Bullington, but I don’t think there is anyone who has given up on him. So to me…good job drafting by the Pirates according to this list.

  2. Pirate

    I can see how you could feel that way looking at limited data like this chart.
    However, there were some obvious impact players that Littlefield could have taken like Drew instead of Walker and Upton instead of Bullington.

    And where Littlefield and his group have really done poor, of course, is rounds 2 – 20. But that is another story.

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