Wells and Sanchez Injuries

First, Freddy. It’s never any fun to take a shot off the body and yesterday was no different for Freddy. While batting, he fouled a pitch off his calf and was carted off in a golf cart with many of the fans cussing under their breath.

Freddy is ok.. he’ll be back in a few days after the swelling goes down.

Kip, well, Kip is Kip. He was off to St Louis to be checked out by his own specialist for vascular thoracic outlet syndrome (a compressed vein in his arm). He was feeling some finger pain after throwing Wednesday and he reported it to the team physician on Thursday. Littlefield didn’t buy it, it seems, and scheduled him to pitch batting practice on Friday.

But Kip had other plans and scheduled an appointment for Friday with his doc then told Littlefield who had to agree because he had no choice under the CBA.

There was talk after 2003 about Wells having an Ulnar nerve compression at the elbow and, by his tanking stats in 2004 and 2005, one has to wonder if it might not be true. Rumor was he pitched with a lot of hand pain the last half of 2005 so maybe the rumor was true.

Kip isn’t going to take any risk because he is in a contract year. If there is anything wrong with him, he’s going to force the org to get him straightened out right now, ala Kris Benson… no matter what David Littlefield thinks.

My gut feeling? Kip has been hurting for several years and refused to push the org and now feels more comfortable about doing so. Kip’s stats suggest a medical issue.. especially in 2005 from a lack of velocity and inability to find the plate. I would guess Kip will hang out as long as he can to start the year and then take off and go have his UNC surgery. But that’s my take..


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