Home Run Day by Pirate Pitching

What day do you think Pirate pitching gave up the most home runs per day? Monday after a long weekend of partying? That was my guess too.

You are right.

HR per G # G
Monday 1.42 17
Saturday 1.37 26
Tuesday 1.20 24
Thursday 1.13 18
Sunday 0.93 26
Wednesday 0.81 25
Friday 0.72 26

Other HR tidbits from 2005:

— 14 players combined to hit 52 HR’s at an average of 3.7 HR’s each. Talk about missing advance scouting!

— Opposing batters had a 37:63 strike-to-ball ratio while batting during HR AB. That indicates a lot of plate discipline waiting for their pitch to hit.

— 34 HR’s hit were hit on the 1st pitch and Lance Berkman did it twice.

— 43 HR’s were hit on the 2cd pitch.

— Some players like Aramis Ramirez never saw more than 2 pitches each HR AB.

— 72 (44%) of all HR’s were hit after a ball was last pitched:

Swing-n-Miss 5
Foul Ball 29
Called Strike 17
Ball 72
1st P 34
Throw to 1B 5

— Batters put a HR in play after seeing an average of just 3.1 pitches per AB compared to 3.7 for all other AB. Don’t wait around do they?


One comment

  1. Haken

    Interesting stats…How do you suppose a pitching staff rectify this problem? My guess would be to make everyday Friday. Wouldn’t that be nice…..Just joined the club at:

    take it easy

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