First 6 days – Trends Popping Up

Baseball stats in the first week are basically meaningless but they do tend to point toward current trends. We’ll revisit these trends in a month or so:

— Duffy with a 39% K-rate overall.. 43% when leading off and inning;
— Burnitz with a 32% K-rate overall.. 50% with men in scoring position;
— as many strikeouts as hits (10) for any batter leading off an inning;
— Casey and Castillo lead the team in total bases with 15;
— Randa batting just .200/.200/.350 — Burnitz just .182/.182/.350;
— not one sacrifice flyball has been hit yet;
— not one stolen base yet, but we haven’t been caught stealing either;
— don’t drop over on this one – Casey leads the team in home runs;
— 3.1 pitches per plate appearance for Doumit – well below league average;
— this was a surprise to me – McLouth with a 25% K-rate overall;
— Bay with a 4.00 GB/FB ratio – he has only put 2 balls in play in the air and one of those went for a HR;
— Burnitz in RISP opportunities: .000/.000/.000 in 8 AB; Craig Wilson: .500/.500/2.000
— 20% of all extra base hits have come in RISP opportunities;
— 6.56 team ERA;
— 1.98 team WHIP which is fueling a .424 opponent OBP – both highest in MLB;
— .642 defensive efficiency ratio fueled by the bad pitching – second worst in MLB;
— only 2 of 12 pitchers have an ERA under 6.00;
— only one pitcher has a WHIP under 1.65 (gosh, where is Josh Fogg?)

I could keep going on, and on, and on but I’ll stop there as it paints the picture fairly well. Obviously, not one part of the Pirates game is working.. or close to working.

BTW, has *any* professional sports team in Pennsylvania won one game since the Steelers won? Hmm..

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