Analysis: Dejan Kovacevic is Clueless

Go read Dejan’s latest piece of horse manure before you go any further, if you haven’t already: Analysis: Creativity, confidence keys heading into 2007.

Kovacevic noted that with the organizational meetings this month, Littlefield has only two holes to fill – a left-hand power bat and a right-handed starter.

Then he goes off into a Pirate PR ploy: "The first question, of course: How much is there to spend?"

His answer: "There should be about $15 million in leftover cash."

Yeah right. Like we believe anything you say Dejan. I mean, didn’t the Post-Gazette once hold shares in the Pirates organization for God sake?

You see, Kovacevic is setting up the fan base to *expect* what he says. He lays the foundation for the Pirates front office expecting that by February, we will all have this "$15m" figure in our heads. Screwwwww that.

He provides some monkey math to make his position seem firm: "With ownership keeping its payroll limit in the range of $45 million, and factoring in roughly $10 million in raises for existing players.." blah-blah-blah.

For one, $45m is bull dookie. For another, to **** with the players who don’t produce.

Why keep a Castillo on the roster if his head is in Candyland? Who cares if he *may* produce one day. C-ya.

Why keep a McLouth on the roster? Pay the kid a split minor league contract and send his butt to Indy to learn defense. C-ya.

Why keep a Bautista on the 25-man if all he can hit is .229 at PNC and a buck eighty-eight with men in scoring position. Got an option? Send him to Indy on a split minor league contract. C-ya.

Why pay Van Benshoten another year of playing around in Florida on the DL? Send the kid to Indy on a minor league contract and make him play 1B to see if his bat comes back to life. C-ya.

And Bullington? Why are we paying him anyway? He’ll never throw one pitch for David Littlefield anyway. C-ya.

Cota, Burnitz, Marte, Vogelsong, Chacon – C-ya.

Send Doumit to Indy on a split minor league contract and let him learn how to play a defensive position. ****, ANY position. C-ya.

Dang – there goes another $10m right there. I bet I could trim another $5m easy with all the one-dimensional **** we have floating around the toilet bowl called the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Don’t listen to the propaganda Kovacevic puts out. Don’t get caught up with some beat reporter whose income comes from a PR machine once a proud minority owner of the Pirates under Kevin McClatchy.

I mean, does everyone think Pirates fans are all stupid or something?

Joe Rutter? His paper has a contract with the Pirates as the ‘official news source’. Yeah, right.

Alan Robinson with AP? His first job was with Ogden Nutting. Do you have to wonder where his allegiance is?

Ed Eagle at Run by the Pirates.

John Perrotto? He seems to have his head up Steve Novotney’s butt all the time putting out wild rumors and ideas.

There isn’t one local source of media information that isn’t tainted. Not one.

So don’t let these media giants influence your thoughts about things like $15m is all the Pirates have to spend next year. Especially after we have been told by numerous sources the ownership has pocketed $34m between 2004 – 2005. I have to believe they made at least $20m in 2006 – probably a lot more.

Remember McClatchy proudly announcing that the ownership never takes dividends and they put the profits back into the business?

Well then, by my monkey math I see $34m + $20m + the $15m they say they have available equaling $69m available to put into player salaries in 2007.

At least.

Not $15m as the Pirates PR machine Kovacevic wants you to believe.

Screw that.

Next Kovacevic says we are limited to possibly Huff as the only power bat Littlefield can sign. With $69m available and Soriano wanting $16m over 5, I bet we could get him paying $18m over 3 for a total of $54m and still have the $15m left that Kovacevic says is available. And hey, if the Pirates go belly up next year, there isn’t a team in MLB that wouldn’t pay $18m over 2 for Soriano so he is easy trade bait.

Can’t lose.

Schmidt wants $12m over 3? Heck – no problem. That’s only $36m and probably what the org will profit in 2007 – 2008 if they hit 2m tickets sold each year with a winning team on the field.


That still leaves us with $15m plus whatever MLB welfare checks the ownership group will get in 2007.

Then Kovacevic states that Joe Koshansky would be a good fit with the Pirates. Yeah – right again . Just what we need.. another over inflated minor leaguer who can’t hit the ball outside of the thin air. I mean, this cat’s minor league equivalent numbers for 2006 were: .242/.305/.411.

Kovacevic is nuts.

Lastly Dejan goes on to say that Josh Sharpless, Jonah Bayliss, and Marty McLeary will be potential bullpen men in 2007. Screwwwww that. If we open the year with any of these three guys in the pen, we are headed for 90 losses again. Mark my words. Send the kids to the kiddie farm – put some men on the field by God.

We still have $15m to spend – get some quality pen arms is what I would say. Plus, we could even get a real 3B to boot.

We are done rebuilding – we are done retooling – we are done babysitting.

Get rid of the player junk, get rid of the Montreal management scheme that can’t draft, can’t evaluate, can’t develop, and can’t think, and get rid of the beat reporters who are so loyal to the organization they cram retraining thoughts down the fans heads as Pirates PR machines are instructed.

It’s frickin time to start winning by God.

To **** with Kovacevic.


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