CBA: What Selig Didn’t Announce – Part I

Remember when Jeff Suppan was a free agent and signed with the Pirates in 2003 for $1m after earning $4m in 2002 with the Royals?

He was one of numerous players whose agents started whispering the "C" word.. collusion.

Players union head Donald Fehr acknowledged in 2003 there was a concern:

"When you have changes in the market, what you do is, you look at the market, gather evidence, evaluate it, and then you form an opinion," Fehr said.

MLB shot back:

"Any suggestion there was collusion in this market is ridiculous," says Rob Manfred, Major League Baseball’s vice president for labor relations. "There was extensive activity and competitive bidding documented on all sorts of free agents."

Maury Brown is reporting that Bud Selig left out one agreement reached under the new CBA:

"It is being reported, that as part of the new agreement, payments have been awarded to the players after some 50 grievances were filed regarding collusion during the 2002 free agency period. The total dollar figure of the payments is reported to be $12 million."

I suppose we can’t blame Littlefield as 2002 was his rookie year in office. But agents don’t forget and it goes a long way explaining why the Pirates have such a hard time getting quality players signed in Pittsburgh..

.. the "C" word.



  1. Nicolas

    ok, so the comments is off topic to the post, but I feel it urgent…
    I grab the newest copy of The Sporting News nad in the Scout’s Views section of the MLB Insider I read (to quote and/or paraphrase) that “Neal” Walker is “way, way behind on his catching”, that “we may have another Ryan Doumit.” I haven’t really seen Walker in any way shape or form, so I have no idea if this is overly harsh, or ridiculous, or what. Your opinion, Jake?

  2. Pirate

    Neil is behind in his development because of his injuries. The fact he is participating in the AFL is a challenge for him simply because he is about a year off.
    I’ve posted the fact there have been questions developing about his true ceiling for months. Jim Callis answered me in the Q&A that his swing is his asset.. not his catching skills and, no matter where he ends up, he’ll do fine.

    I’m not so sure.

    Honestly? I think it is too early to make a call about him yet. This will be a defining year for him. Will he stay healthy? Will his receiving skills get better? Will he hit for average?

    Or will he continue to be dragged down physically because he lost so much weight from the wrist injury? Will he even be able to swing fluidly anymore? Big questions.

    We’ll see.

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