$65m Payroll. In Pittsburgh?

Word on the street is that the Pirates are being told by the Commissioner’s office that a $48m payroll won’t cut the mustard with them. $60m – $65m is closer to their target.

If true, this would mean the Pirates would have over $25m to spend.

That doesn’t mean Littlefield would be able to sign anyone – or that any of the players would even want to play in Pittsburgh. That just means the organization is starting to feel a bit more pressure than they have in the past, whatever good that will do.

The Pirates could also decide to spend the money in other areas.

It is known that the Pirates are expanding the use of their BATS video scouting system by employing video scouts to start charting pitches. Bucco Blog stated over and over during the 2006 year that we were losing games because of poor advance scouting so this can’t hurt a bit. There are pros and cons using the BATS system but some information is better than no information, they say. Advance scouts are much, much better, but they also cost a lot more to deploy than a few video jockey’s. You get what you pay for.. ask the Cardinals.

The Pirates have also decided to sign an international player in Herrera which will hold their costs down as well.

And we know Littlefield is adding a few more dollars to the fat on top with his new front office hires and bringing back some better development guys in the farm, starting with Beasley. I hope he adds even more developmental help.

It will be hard for the Pirates to spend $65m behind the scenes so I suppose we can start looking for Littlefield to add a couple of decent free agent bats, since there is a glut of them all looking for fat contracts.

And one starter, of course.

We’ll have to see where this goes.



  1. Steven

    You seem to know way more than the average baseball fan or at least you write like someone who has obscure baseball interests. I elect you as new baseball commissioner. There is one catch. You are my puppet and you must do as I command you. Get ready fro the metal plate to be stuffed into your head. There! Your first task is to stop all statistical analysis and force scouts to drive on their own darn dollar and smell out talent with their own two eyes and instincts. Indirectly, you will be the commissioner who stopped the big business of scouting and returned it to its prototype nature. In fact, why don’t you encourage scouts to ride horses to games and limit their travelling to local areas. This will ignite a baseball renaissance in the north east and end the stupid monopoly of baseball talent in Dominican-Texas-Florida-California. I’ll get baCk to you with your next assignment. Oh by the way, just to brown nose you a little, all my mother’S family is from Pittsburgh, my Grandpa claims he was a bat boy for Honus Wagner, and I attended two separate bradenton pirates spring training sessions in the 80’s….even got Barry Bonds autograph. Maybe, I should have bragged about something more obscure. Oh well, you’re still hired!

  2. starcraft100@hotmail.com

    its always exciting to think about what we could do with 25 mil this offseason (sign a top hitting free agent, decent starter and still maybe give freddy a bonus, but i doubt its happenin

  3. Pirate

    Steven – is the plate titanium or platinum? LoL Great stuff.
    Philip – I agree but that’s the word we are hearing. Like starcraft said, and I alluded to, it’s another hope tinker in our chest.

  4. Steven

    Pirate…the plate is definitely titanium. We want this new breed of scouts to be of commanding genius. A side effect of the imposed horse back riding mode of transportation for scouts may be a renaissance of Rocky-esque training rituals. Horse back riding results in Tim Raines size thighs.

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