Gerald Perry, the Pirates hitting coach from 2003-2005, has taken another job with Lou Pinella, his old boss with the Mariners.

The Cubs are pushing the panic button and their sense of urgency is downright scary. Now Lou wants to bring back Sheffield, pull in Schmidt, and resign Ramirez. Their payroll is expected to reach $120m. Yyiikkess.

USA Today posted a nice in-depth article on the Pirates. It’s a good read.

Team USA thumped Japan. Makes sense — no Pirates were on the roster. Ughh..

Nice review of an article in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports this month called "Who Owns the Plate?"

Joe Sheehan at Baseball Prospectus essentially explains why posting decent numbers in the AFL is about meaningless.

Talk about quantum leaps —

"I do agree with Patrick that the Devil Rays (ranked No. 10 during spring training) have passed quite a few clubs, and in my opinion they have passed them all. Tampa Bay currently has the best farm system in baseball."  — Jim Callis, Baseball America

Why won’t the Pirates get involved with the fans? We are Sooooooo boring.

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