Free Agent Money Spent By Team

Small market team fans I advise you to sit down before you read this post.

The median free agent salary and contract length for the first 28 players signed as of November 24th is: $21,520,357.14 over 2.6 years. The median age of the player is 33.

Interestingly, the 28 players have been paid more than two and one-half times the value of the entire Pittsburgh Pirates franchise. Total outlay: $602,570,000

We assume the large market teams were the only spenders so far but that isn’t really true.

Three teams with consolidated statistical metropolitan areas (CSMA) of less than 3m people (Rockies, Reds, and Cardinals) spent $44m so far – about the same amount as the Pirates expected payroll in 2007.

Three large market teams with CSMA’s of more than 15m (two in LA and the Mets) spent $156m.

The other eight spending teams are between 4.5m and 10m.

The Pirates CSMA is 2.5m, about the same as the Rays and Rockies and a couple hundred thousand short of the Cardinals.

Here is the complete spending list so far (ave age = average age of players signed):

Team Ave Age Total $ Spent
Colorado 31 $1,500,000
Boston 31 $4,000,000
Detroit 32 $4,000,000
Philadelphia 30 $5,450,000
Baltimore 35 $12,000,000
Texas 32 $13,000,000
Toronto 38 $18,120,000
Cincinnati 34 $19,500,000
St. Louis 35 $23,500,000
NY Mets 38 $25,150,000
LA Dodgers 32 $63,350,000
LA Angels 33 $68,000,000
Houston 35 $112,500,000
Chicago Cubs 30 $232,500,000



    where did the average age of 37 for the Cubs come from? Am I really bad at math or did something else go wrong?


    Red Sox also signed Mike Timlin to a contract. I think it was $2.8 million, which would make their total $6.8, not $4.

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