Gorzelanny in High Demand

It seems David Littlefield has fielded more inquiries for Tom Gorzelanny than for Zach Duke and Mike Gonzalez put together. That’s remarkable considering the interest teams have had for Gonzalez.

Littlefield seems to be targeting young, left handed first basemen. Some players that might be on his shopping list include the Braves LaRoche, McPherson or Kotchman from the Angels, or Loney of the Dodgers.

But it will require giving to get. In fact, too much giving for Pirates fans to expect any of these players being on the roster next year, whether their teams over value them or they are worth too much for us to matchup.

It simply amazes me how the Pirates let so many players walk away like Daryl Ward or Rob Mackowiak who were at least serviceable players from the left side. Ward’s defense at 1B was outstanding. Considering the way market values have increased, either of these players would have been better to hold on to than to have spent a ton for Sean Casey or to have given up on Oliver Perez for Xavier Nady.

We have to do a better job of long-range planning in the front office.

Part of that long-range planning should be that Gorzelanny remains a Pirate unless any potential deal would create an ESPN headline like: Littlefield robs…

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