Winter Meetings Midday Update

John Perotto’s column last night that hinted the Rays and Pirates talked about Carl Crawford deal caused quite a stir on the floor today. NOBODY believed it, nobody believes it yet, and nobody is ever going to believe it, it seems. I am of the opinion that this conversation never occurred and, if it did, it was in jest over a brew at the bar.

Ryan Church is being talked about but I get the sense that Littlefield really isn’t too interested in him. As some have said here, he might as well just start McLouth who is several years younger. Church does seem to have more power potential than McLouth, but several folks pointed to Church’s fall off every year in the second half as one problem, the fact his career numbers in the NLCD are below the Mendoza line plus only has one HR every 92 AB’s against those teams, and that he is not a clutch hitter. All of with are very valid concerns. I don’t see this happening either.

Hawpe is still being courted by the Pirates we heard on the floor but it is stale info resurfacing, the best I can tell.

LaRoche.. I initially broke the story regarding LaRoche and I have indicated since that where there is fuel, there might be a fire. I heard today, and confirmed through several sources, they continue to talk and there has been some speculation late this afternoon that this deal is actually done, but neither camp will acknowledge it and I don’t get the sense from AJC beat reporters anything is close yet. We’ll have to watch and see how this develops over the next few days.

Chad Tracy’s name has also been surfacing today with the Pirates said having interest but, again, I don’t get any sense the Pirates have any interest at all. Tracy is an injury risk (back, groin, and knees) and can’t hit a southpaw so I just don’t see this happening.

More later.


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