Ownership Change on the Horizon?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the new rumor floating around Pittsburgh circles is not about a Huff contract or a LaRoche trade.. it’s about new ownership.

I am early in posting this rumor so I won’t go into the details of what I am hearing. The last thing in the world I want to do is blow it if it is happening. But I will tell you this – if it comes true, Pirates fans will finally rejoice. No, I didn’t say Pirate fans could expect a winner anytime soon.. or the new ownership will sink half-a-billion into the franchise to get it back on track. Only that the principles in the rumor bring a lot more ‘fire to win’ credibility to the table than our current group has.

The bottom line to the rumor is this.. evidently there has been an offer made to purchase some stock and this time there wasn’t an automatic ‘the Pirates aren’t for sale’ response. That does *not* mean the current group will sell.. only that an interest to buy was floated.

One economist I spoke to yesterday after I picked up on the rumor said he believed the timing was right.. while there is a lot of cash in the game right now, that doesn’t mean a whole lot if you can’t put fans in the stadium or dig up up commercial sponsors. He also felt the franchise could use a financial boast right now to get commercial sponsors back on their side.

Understand this please – it is a rumor I heard. It isn’t the Holy Grail.. it doesn’t mean it will happen.. and we may not even hear about it if the current group decides to remain on. Some folks love to think rumors = fact.

The rumor came from an A+ source and that is why I am posting it. And yes, I continue to hear Littlefield is after LaRoche. So there you go – you can hammer me twice.  🙂

If the offer is genuine and the current group decides to sell, I’m sure something will be leaked in the next few weeks.

I guess I’m in the middle-of-the-road on this.. perhaps my source heard something that already happened.. perhaps it never happened. Perhaps he only has half of it right but thinks he has the whole picture. I don’t really want to get my hopes up so I’m going to believe it isn’t happening with my fingers and toes crossed.

But there you go – it’s out there and it’s being talked about, albeit by only a few folks right now. We’ll watch and see.

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  1. phillyphanatic52@aol.com

    I do not beleive you
    Response by Jake: well, considering your a philly phan that’s no surprise. But that’s ok.. you’ll fit in nicely here.. nobody else believes it either. 😉

  2. harry101@pittsburghpirates.net

    Uggghhh! I believe you, but please link your sources!
    Response by Jake: Link my sources? LoL.. yeah.. ok.

  3. chef@fans247.com

    tell me you dont believe that for one second that Jake would give up even one of his sources…
    With there being so little to be excited about with the Pirates, this is a glimmer of hope…Gettin “McNutting” out of control could only be a positive move.

  4. ratt25@hotmail.com

    Heard somewhere that Bud Selig is going to retire and then buy the Pirates. Can’t say weather I like that or not.

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