New Hope in Pittsburgh?

Just when you thought things would die a slow death in Pittsburgh, today there could be fresh hope.

I’ve heard some rumblings for a few days about the Pirates and Rays talking. At first I thought – no big deal, teams talk. Then I heard the Pirates target was Elijah Dukes and I have to admit I got a bit excited.

Reserved excitement, if you will.

So I started firing off a few emails to get some reaction from those around the game what it might take for the Pirates to acquire Dukes and the reactions were pleasantly surprising – most said Gonzalez or Gorzelanny. Everyone seemed to like the idea, one way or another.

Dukes wouldn’t be the worst risk the Pirates could make. Inactivity, as one writer put it, could be.

Now I’m not suggesting in this post that the Pirates and Rays are close to a deal. They may not even be talking anymore. I don’t know. But it is refreshing to know that Littlefield hasn’t stopped short thinking LaRoche is the Pirates only savior. It is also good to know Littlefield does have other options with Gonzalez and that he is pursuing them and other GMs are listening.

I have to believe the Pirate Nation would be excited to get a prospect like Dukes in the fold. Perhaps he could play alongside Cutch and the two of them could go to Bible studies together? Ok.. that’s stretching it a ton. Maybe partying together would be more appropriate at their age.

Perhaps Cutch could teach Dukes the chicken dance?

BTW, Dukes also plays some mean ping-pong.