Rosenthal: Pirates won’t trade Duffy

I read Ken Rosenthal’s column today and I saw where he said Littlefield refuses to part with Chris Duffy and Mike Gonzalez for Adam LaRoche.

My first thought was Good Job Dave!

My second thought was that I don’t buy the Duffy angle and I think Rosenthal was digging in the trash looking for something to add to his column.

I have always heard Maholm and Gonzalez — I have never heard Duffy’s name except in one Post-Gazette article where the writer said he assumed it might be Duffy, then later recanted saying he never officially heard Duffy’s name.

But for the sake of argument here, I’ll move on because Rosenthal said that was the deal and we all know Ken Rosenthal has the inside to every rumor. Right? hehe

Why in the world would David Littlefield trade Chris Duffy and Mike Gonzalez for less than three years of Adam LaRoche? Remember now, Littlefield would have to deal LaRoche in 2008 to get any return for him because LaRoche is a free agent after 2009.

That isn’t going to help us unless LaRoche would be willing to sign away a couple of free agent years in a new contract. But can you give me one reason why LaRoche would want to sign away a few lucrative FA years to play for the Pirates? Just one..


Didn’t think so.

In contrast, we control Gonzalez through 2009 and control Duffy through 2011.

Littlefield would be off his rocker to trade off Duffy who had about a .350 OBA the last two months of the season (.438 in September by the 16th) along with a ton of swipes. One thing to consider, if Duffy can continue an OBA at a .400 clip, he projects to steal 50 bases or more. I’m not saying count on it by any means, but there was a clear indication of a growth spurt from him in his last 2 months of production tending to indicate he could breakout with more consistency starting in 2007. That’s why he is drawing a lot of interest from other teams.

Then there are those that believe LaRoche is overrated to begin with.. he is more of a platoon player.

So while LaRoche sounds sexy to Pirate fans, the deal has to make sense just as Littlefield has been saying all along and Duffy and Gonzalez is much too much of a price to pay for 2+ years of Adam LaRoche.. especially when you read and consider yesterday’s post here.

Gonzo for LaRoche or walk Dave.

My bet is on Kotchman. I heard through the grapevine he might even entertain a long-term contract in Pittsburgh too. Make the call Dave —