DirecTV or No Direct TV?

I decided I better answer some of my readers questions about the MLB – DirecTV deal that seems to be upsetting a lot of folks.

How do I feel about it?

I use exclusively so it doesn’t affect me. I simply pump the video feed out of my home computer into my flat screen and I can watch the spin of the ball in slow motion with all the new gadgets my Sony TV has.

Besides, I never could stand DirecTV shutting off and rebooting at any random moment to try and fry outlaw access cards.

Am I concerned about cable TV losing out to DirecTV?

No. I wasn’t worried about the local stations losing out to cable TV years ago either.. or radio losing out to local TV before that. But I have to admit I do miss turning on an AM radio and hearing a game for free.

Am I concerned that the prices may eventually go up since the output is being even more restricted?

No. I’ll let Congress worry about that.

Plus, if you buy an subscription you can actually see every game despite the local blackouts, even though you may have to wait until the morning to see the game. On Extra Innings, it was either on or not and there were many times I wasn’t able to see a game I wanted to see.

Will a lot of fans be rightfully upset over this deal?

Absolutely. But they have options. And, no, I don’t believe (the option) will ever go away.

Look at this another way – Extra Innings had about 300,000 subscribers in 2005 across both cable and satellite platforms, where already had 1.3 million (Kagan Associates estimate).

The bottom line is, I expect to see a lot more folks signing up for’s service now and in return we should start seeing some additional services to compliment that package, as has been MLB’s trademark in recent years past.

Throw the dish away if you can – you really will love the ball games on your home TV.

Besides, in a few years that home computer will be running almost everything in your house. You will be connected to a fiber optic cable instead of copper and you’ll be doing things like visiting your doctor for minor issues, shopping at Publix, and having the KitchenAid repair man automatically showing up to change the water filter in your $1,500 KitchenAid refrigerator.

All free.

But that’s my take —




    Publix? What’s that? We have Giant Eagle and Shop’n Save in the Burgh! You need to visit Pittsburgh more often! Glad I got Directv last month. wcryder:
    Who was the professional at Greentree that made you chuckle?


    Have a safe trip. Coming to PirateFest? It’s funny hearing Jack Wilson saying this is the most excited he’s been for the start of the season — for the fifth straight year. PS – Your site gives the Pgh Trib Review a run for its money as the slowest loading site — almost like the Rusty Staub of blogs, haha 🙂

  3. Pirate

    No PirateFest for me this year. Next year is a sure thing. By way back I meant I’m searching for a place right now to come up for the season.
    Slow loading? Are you on dialup? I’ll reduce the size of the displayed pages for dial-up and DSL users. That might help.

    I’ll also put more of an empasis on smaller image sizes.. thanks for letting me know!


    I have dsl that works fine everywhere but the Trib Review and your site. Thanks for addressing my situation. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything.

  5. Pirate

    jt – I reduced the load time by limiting the number of days the front page displays from 7 to 4 days. That should help speed things up some.
    I’ll keep working with the images but I’m stuck having to load about 50k in MLB images they throw on my page.

    But hang on – I hear we have a new solution coming around the start of the year.

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