Swindal/Steinbrenner Divorce No Surprise

Swindal1I grew up in Redington Beach, Florida, during my high school years and worked during the summer at Misner Marine, a business concern that took me over to Steinbrenner’s shipyard in Tampa on occasion.

Over the years, I had a chance to meet many of the Steinbrenners and passionately fell in love with some of the work done by a trainer that Jo Steinbrenner had working for her at Derby Lane Greyhound track, where she once owned the Jo Brett kennel.

Back when Dave Parker was a Pirate, and George Steinbrenner knew I was a passionate Pirates fan, he once asked me if I thought obtaining Dave Parker was a good idea for the Yankees. To me it was casual chating but I always wondered if he listened to me when I said, no, he wasn’t a good fit for the Yankees.

I was being selfish, of course, wanting to see Parker remain a Pirate.

I never officially met Steve Swindal other than to shake his hand one day but I did meet his wife Jenny once. However, I did hear many rumors. To this day, I never understood why she married Swindal, but that’s none of my business.

When arrested for DUI last month, I wasn’t surprised. Knowing the area like I do, it’s pretty easy to guess where Swindal was coming from – Coquina Key, and there aren’t any baseball diamonds over there. Just the rich and famous, many of whom are single.

So for Jenny to be filing a divorce now doesn’t shock me a bit. I suppose she figured it out just as easy as I did, if that’s the case.

Ok all you single, rich, Yankees wannabe-owner types, get your courting clothes out.

Photo above courtesy of the fabulous "Da Bronx Bomber" website.


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