ASG Media Credential and Announcements

First, I want to thank everyone for their continued readership. It has been an amazing run over the last fourteen months.

Holy Cow.. Bucco Blog is now 7th in the Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Sports Blogs just ahead of Bugs and Cranks.


We need your vote to help us get past all the large market New York blogs!

Please go vote!

A01Bucco Blog has finally broken into the elite Google PR7 Page Rank space. We are actually floating back and forth between PR7 and PR6 right now but a solid PR7 is surely on the near horizon.

To give you an idea of the value of a PR7 ranking, Google is now selling links to their enterprise PR7 sites for $10,000.


But you can link to us for free. hehe

Seriously, we have continued to maintain Bucco Blog as a commercial free zone so you aren’t hit with Google type ads on every page. I believe we are the only well read Pirates blog/newspaper that is a commercial-free zone. And, no, I don’t count the MLB ads because I’m part of their family and I can’t control those ads.

Bucco Blog has just signed our third international syndication agreement. This one is with Amazon and you will be hearing more about their new venture in the news shortly. I can’t go into the details because of the non-disclosure, but I can say it’s exciting to be contributing to their network as well now.

Alexa currently has Bucco Blog listed as the second most popular MLBlog. But if we have to be behind anyone, Alyssa Milano is not a bad place to be, huh?

The traffic graph on the Alexa page is for the entire MLBlogshere so don’t get confused. And it only shows hits from those that have the Alexa toolbar installed so use your imagination what kind of hits we are getting with 6% of their entire traffic.


I will share with everyone in blogland that I emailed MLB and asked for credentials to the All-Star game this year as a blogger, and was denied. I had several media outlets assisting me in my plight.

Richard Levin, MLB’s Senior VP of Public Relations, sent back a very nice note basically explaining that the rules don’t allow it but they are in the process of evaluating their policies on bloggers.

That’s very good news.

I asked Mr. Levin to consider adding my name to any future committee that MLB may put together to discuss the issue.

For the record, I don’t believe bloggers should have carte blanche access to the organizations. But I do believe citizen media is becoming too powerful for MLB to simply ignore us anymore.

Perhaps we need to form a professional sports blogger’s association and open discussions on the matter?




    Blogging is a new media for sure, but there are literally thousands upon thousands of bloggers here in cyberspace. I can see huge problems with the situation you have described here. Your blog is definitely a serious, prosperous, and well-read piece of work. The organizations who are asked to grant credentials to bloggers are faced with a rather large problem though. They have to come up with a yardstick to measure who’s who in the blogging world. I’m not familiar with the google PR stuff you posted about here, but it sounds like a viable way to determine if a particular blogger is someone who would be given press credentials at an event. They just don’t have the groundwork in place to do those measurements yet. I’m rootin’for ya tho 🙂 I’ll be interested in following this particular story 🙂

  2. Pirate

    the 45,000 daily hits Alexa shows for MLblogs as a whole are only the hits from individuals with the Alexa toolbar installed.


    Don’t you think it’s rich of google to sell pr7 links for $10 000 while simultaneously dropping everyone elses pr for doing the same?

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