Hey Bud, is Cheating Allowed?

I wasn’t going to post this but I’ve had teenage ballplayers asking me if Hopper cheated and, if he did, why isn’t he being removed from the game like Pete Rose was, or suspended like Brian Moehler when the sandpaper was found in his glove, or facing public ridicule like Sosa did with the corked bat incident?

Why is Hopper getting off scott free, everyone wants to know?

As Hal Brody once said:

"There’s no room in baseball for cheaters. Not for Sammy Sosa, Joe Rookie or any other major leaguer. Commissioner Bud Selig must send this message — immediately and authoritatively."

Hopper is no different. He is clearly a cheater and Bud Selig needs to wake up and take immediate action because the game’s integrity is on the line.



  1. phriendly_one@yahoo.com

    How about we get those pumping steroids first, then we’ll come back to this. Oh wait… one of them is on the verge of breaking a BIG record, so we can’t go after the ‘Enormous Headed One’.

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