Double-Whammy Headed Our Way?

Are the fans being set up for a huge letdown in two annual events that will take place over the next two weeks?

First will be the draft.

I’ve already made my recommendation this year. But like all the other fans, I have a sneaky feeling we are going to overdraft a player that doesn’t fit into our plan because we can sign him cheap for the slot.

I mean, that has been the current owner’s modus operandi and I don’t expect it will change this year. Since I discussed this in detail in the link above, let’s move on.

One week after the draft (I’m guessing June 11th) will be Dave Littlefield’s annual "We are Sellers" announcement to the rest of the organizations.

Let’s face it, while Dejan is doing his best to stir the "why not now" pot, and as badly as the fans want to see us compete in what they perceive to be a weak league this year, nobody is really thinking straight.

Three of our starting eight position players (Duffy, Bautista, and Nady) have never seen a 500 at bat season, and only Bautista has seen more than 440 in one year. So when they tail off fatigued in August, who takes their place?

Our sophomore starting catcher is hitting below the Mendoza line against right-hand pitching and his assumed replacement, Ryan Doumit, has already caught more games this year than last. And while Doumit has been hitting well, we’ve lost almost every game he has caught.

We have Tom Gorzelanny pitching this year +26 innings over 2005 to 2006 which is a huge red flag, and he’s already thrown 48% of his perceived innings allowed in just 12 games.

Then we have our #5 starter, Shawn Chacon, who only threw 109 innings last year but has already tossed 37, now in the rotation and good for only 12 more starts or so, if he’s even around past July, which is highly doubtful.

I suppose you’ll probably want to bring up JvB or Bullington or Burnett, but as we saw with Burnett last year who ran out of gas in late July, we know JvB and Bullington will be toast down the stretch as well. Plus, their workload will have to be shut down as they start approaching high inning counts.

And how about our pen with ‘can’t find the plate’ Sharpless, Armas, who I’m sure is only being hung onto so Littlefield can thrust him in the rotation later in the year when he starts shutting down his young arms, Marte certain to be dealt, and near rookies Rogers, Bayliss, Perez, et al..

Not to mention no bench depth, albeit we do have Jose Hernandez and Michael Ryan hanging around Indy, even if they can’t even hit AAA pitching. But then there is Morgan, Bixler, and DeCaster with no MLB experience.

So I don’t know why anyone is even trying to fool anyone.. there is about as much chance of this team making a run as there is you winning the lottery this Saturday. We might be staying with the pack right now, but who is going to keep us close later in the year? Or do we not concern ourselves with player’s health?

Maybe everyone thinks Bob Nutting should go spend his profits on a few rental players? Yeah.. right. We’ll see if he drafts a Boras client as the best available, or runs the other way because he needs a new ski lift at his resort.

It’s going to be a rough next couple of weeks for the fans, I’m afraid. And that’s not a pessimistic fan outlook, that’s simply reality.





    Jake predictions are straight facts, jjreicks when over extended pitchers they will wear out in the dog days of august and september. He doesn’t ask some good questions who will replace these guys have you seen our pinch hitting numbers 8 for 70 on the year 8 FOR 70 that’s horrid. The only guy in AAA who looks ready to come up is Rajai Davis who i think should be playing the Duffy experiment needs to go to the bench or play Rajai and Duffy in CF force Duffy to work on his hitting. Chacon needs go back into long relief so we don’t burn him out but then who do you get to replace since the nuttings wont spend money on getting help do throw jvb,burnett, and bullington in the 5 hole pitching them about 50 to 75 innings a piece then shutting them down. Then bullpen becomes taxed out , I agree Marte will be dealt to contender and because he’s pitching great and we should try to get as much for him as possible. Which leaves bayliss , AAA armas jr, wild thing sharpless , grablow in the middle/long relief (oh boy!). Until the Nuttings sell to a real owner – Mark Cuban (Not happening as long as Nuttings bank big loot off the Pirates) it seems we will go thru this list of crapola every year. Cause Dave Littlefield and Ed Creech are trash when it comes to drafting talent and even with a 50 million payroll fans will slowly stop coming like they have been cause the product is pure **** so that 50 million payroll will probably become 30/35 in a few years.

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