Fan to Littlefield: When Are You Resigning?

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For the hearing impaired:

Dave Littlefield was asked by a Pirate fan when he plans to resign and Littlefield answered him by saying the current offense is not up to par, the players are in the 26 – 30 year old range and should be performing better, and the Pirates will score more runs when they do.

The second caller asked Littlefield what advice he has for suffering fans and Littlefield responded by saying there are better days ahead, the Pirates won three of four series before they went on the last road trip, the players must perform better, the players are young and in a funk right now, and he feels strongly it will be better.

The third caller was Dave Littlefield’s agent (just kidding – it was a fan) who called to say he was tired of people ripping on Littlefield, he thinks Littlefield is doing a really good job, and to hang in there. Littlefield’s response was that winning games was the most important thing and that’s what they are going to try and do.

Brutal stuff.



    Someone has to be held responsible for the performance of the Pirates. For years now no one has been held responsible for to long. All you every here is be patient it’s coming, sound familar. Well personally I’m tired of being patient I want results now. I’ve been a fan since I was 14 years old I’m now 58 and remember the day, but I’m so frustrated with these players the manager the GM the whole organization I can’t watch them play anymore. It’s time to pull the plug on Bay, , Roach, and Paulino,these guys never hustle and Wilson is just an awful shortstop, I’ll guarantee you no one will take him in any kind of a trade and if they did you’ll never see him again. I’m so frustrated, I want something done, I just can’t watch this **** anymore. Does anyone out there feel like me.


    Littlefield needs to be in politics. That first answer had no bearing on the question asked. It’s like he just turns on a tape recorder and lets it do the talking for him.


    The upcoming protest involving the “walk out” isn’t enough. People need to stop attending Bucs home games all together. An e-mail writing, phone calling, and absolute boycott of this team needs to be organized. What can we do to get this ball rolling?

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