I actually found one writer who seems excited about the Pirates:

"Believe it or not, the Pittsburgh Pirates have finally begun to make a statement in the National League Central Division, ripping off seven victories in 10 games played during their homestand ending Sunday.. There has finally been a reason for Pirates fans to feel just a little bit of optimism." — John Veasey, The Times West Virginian

I suppose Mr. Veasey said it best when he used the words: "just a little bit of optimism" since it would take a Herculean effort for the Pirates to win the division, not to mention just getting to .500.

But notice how Veasey quietly used ripping off and Pirates in the same paragraph. Perhaps the Pirates subliminal PR messages over the years are starting to take hold where they least expected it?

One Chicago writer has decided the best way to fix baseball is to limit player payroll to a range like $65MM – $130MM, abolish the DH, expand rosters to 27 players, contract the Nats and Marlins, and then move the Pirates to the NL East.

Just what we need, to reduce the number of teams in the revenue sharing pool to increase the Pirates share. But I wonder if we’d become the Pittsburgh Exponats?

Tony LaRussa’s decision to pick Freddy Sanchez for the All Star squad? Because he can play third base.

How about Young giving up the inside the park home run to Ichiro in the All-Star game? Unbelievable.

My half-season grades? The players get a B+ for trying, the front office a C+ for trying, and the ownership group since 2003 an F for not trying. Why shame the players by grading them out as if they are supposed to be judged against the men playing this game.

Employees running race cost: free – Intern

Race music total cost: $8

One custom made Randall Simon Louisville Slugger model R205 baseball bat: $400

Disorderly conduct fine cost in Milwaukee: $432

One baker costume: $1,200

First baseman total payroll cost: $800,000

Whacking the Brew Crew in Milwaukee: priceless

Speaking of master cards, you have to love Kevin McClatchy.

As a 29 year old fan, he protested the potential move of his beloved SF Giants to Florida in 1992, bought the Pirates who were being threatened to move for $95MM in ’96, then waited until a week or so before the All-Star game in 2007 to be played in San Francisco to announce he was stepping down as the Pirates CEO.

Well, at least he can tell his kids one day he sat in the owner’s box at the game in 2007.

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