What do you know, Castillo with a walk-off

What a strange game.

Reyes threw a four-hitter at us, Kuwata walked one-third of the batters he faced (one was intentional), Paulino went yard in back-to-back games for just the second time in his Pittsburgh career, Sanchez walked three times for the first time in his career, Chacon picked up a blown save after not being dealt, Marte K’d all three batters he faced, Paulino was asked to bunt in the 11th, and Castillo won the game with a walk-off single.

It never ceases to amaze me how streaky the game can be at times.

Next up, what is sure to be called the race for the cellar series with the Reds and we throw everything we have at them in Snell, Morris, and Gorzelanny. This is the first time I have thought of the word ‘sweep’ in quite awhile but the way the Cardinals series went, who knows what is going to happen.

The question on everyone’s minds is, will Jack Wilson still be around when the series concludes? Maybe not, although the Post-Gazette said today they felt Wilson hasn’t even been put on waivers yet which seems highly unlikely to me.

I hate to say I lost the battle trying to keep Wilson in Pittsburgh, but Littlefield knows his players better than anyone and only he knows if dealing Wilson will make the Pirates stronger in the end. But on paper, it still looks like a salary dump and the Pirates end up significantly weaker after the trade.

It’s rumored we are receiving Tiger prospects Brent Clevlen and Jair Jurjjens in the deal that I assume also sends Torres or Marte to the Tigers with the full bill for Wilson’s contract. I asked a few scouts to tell me what they thought of these two players and here is a composite of their responses:

Brent Clevlen

One scout saw him as a potential for a lesser Xavier Nady and another scout saw him as Ronny Paulino in the box with a Doumit arm and near McLouth speed.

All agreed he has the tools, all agreed he projects out as a better corner outfielder, and all agreed he is pulling off a lot with one suggesting he is collapsing into the baseball. None of them suggested his plus power will translate.

Everyone also seemed to agree there are question marks as to whether he holds major league value.

Jair Jurjjens

The best read I got on Jurjjens was from an NL scout who has seen him over the years and suggested that he lacks command, has one plus pitch, profiled him as a middle to late reliever much in the Bayliss mold, and said there are numerous red flags in his career and makeup that spell the potential for future problems.

A couple of the other scouts suggested he could become a back of the order starter if he adequately developed his off speed pitches and that he isn’t afraid to pitch inside despite his smaller frame.

So essentially we are getting a 4th outfielder and a reliever who seems to be at high risk for problems down the road. Personally, I’m not impressed with either and it doesn’t seem to be much of a return for two MLB players.

My rating on the deal: two thumbs down, just like the Perez/Nady deal.


  1. stevegrazier001@yahoo.com

    So what the numbers on Clevlen and Jurjjens? Are they in A, AA, or AAA ball? Seems like logical things to include on nut-shell player profiles…

  2. Pirate

    good point.


    .240/.322/.401 in AAA (Toledo) with a 32% k-rate


    3.32 ERA in AA with a 3/1 K/BB rate, 107 H in 105 IP, and AA batters hitting him at a .261 clip. Has a 3.92 ERA in AA last 5 outings.

    To compare Jurrjens, Romulo Sanchez at Altoona has a 3.26 ERA, Luis Munoz had a 3.49 before promotion to Indy where he is getting raked with his 4.91 ERA, and one of my fav’s Todd Redmond has a 1.80 ERA in limited innings at Altoona after being called up.

  3. stevegrazier001@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the update on the possible Wilson deal.

    The Post Gazette trade version says today, “The Pirates would have received Dallas Trahern or Jair Jurrjens — both 21-year-old right-handed pitchers — and a mid-level position player prospect.”

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