It’s Time for Nutting to End the Farce

What the heck is going on?

Not only do we look like a little league team on the field lately, now management is getting into the act too.

The Reds embarrased the Pirates last night. The problem was, all they did was show up – we provided the comedy show all on our own.

From dropped balls, to numerous poor outfield routes, to our battery calling for expected pitches in routine counts, to ridiculous dugout show downs, to undisciplined and adolescent mocking of the home plate umpire, to selfish attention seeking.

We did it all – just as we have done over the last couple of months.

At what point does someone finally stand up and say – "I’ve had enough of this Mickey Mouse BS"?

Consider this — Ian Snell from April 3rd to July 2cd:

16 GS, 108.2 IP, 2.90 ERA, 8 HR, 95 H, .650 OPS

Then this bomb was released:

Since the Torres announcement, Ian Snell’s numbers:

6 games, 34 IP, 7.15 ERA, 8 HR, 48 H, .996 OPS

On one side of the coin you could say that Snell’s numbers after the Torres announcement are a coincidence at best because, if you look at this video, there’s no question Snell has seen more than his fair share of poor defensive plays behind him in those six games. But to go from one home run every 13.5 innings to one every 3.5 has to make you wonder.

Nobody all of a sudden starts grooving that many without it being more than a coincidence.

If you watched the game last night then you saw Jim Colborn a bit upset as Snell headed to the dugout after the 4th inning because Snell had grooved one to Dunn after home plate umpire Marvin Hudson refused to give him a strikeout on a near perfect pitch. After Paulino caught the ball and held it waiting for Hudson’s strike call that never came, Snell started laughing on the mound, Paulino turned around and looked at Hudson and started laughing, and then went to his squat shaking his head over and over.

It all comes down to credibility.

It was the most unprofessional and selfish acts I have seen of Pittsburgh players on the field in nearly 25 years and I cringed watching it unfold. If it had been the first time I had seen this, I wouldn’t have thought a thing about it expecting Tracy and Littlefield to move quickly to explain the game to them. But this was perhaps the 10th time just this year our battery has mocked professional umpires and the most dramatic and it made me sick as a fan.

As the Snell entered the dugout and the confrontation escalated, Jack Wilson put his arm on Colborn to try and refrain him getting to Snell but Colborn made it past and approached Snell. Earlier in the game Colborn had approached Snell upset who quickly got up and started waiving his arms in an animated style while walking away from Colborn as if saying don’t talk to me, look around you for the problem. Snell then exited into the walkway to the clubhouse.

It all comes down to credibility in my opinion.

True, Snell didn’t control his emotions and he’s to blame for that. But it’s hard not to feel for him or any other pitcher that takes the mound when Tracy continues to put lineup cards together with many players playing out of position. We’re not the mashing Reds where we can score a few more runs to support the poor defense. It doesn’t make sense.

Then consider the accountability offered by the Post-Gazette in today’s paper:

"Last night, though, when his defense failed to make two iffy plays in the first inning — Jason Bay had a late break on Jeff Keppinger’s two-run double to left-center, and Javier Valentin’s RBI single dropped in shallow right between a charging Ryan Doumit and retreating Freddy Sanchez.."

Iffy? Puh-lease. They try to make it seem like it’s all Snell’s fault.

Colborn jumped all over Jack Wilson earlier in July for doing what Freddy Sanchez did, Tracy told him not to do it anymore, and we have yet to see Wilson attempt that play since. It was a routine out that Sanchez had no business back peddling trying to make an over the shoulder basket catch on to begin with.

Hardly iffy – Doumit was right where he needed to be to make the play and was even calling for it.

Why didn’t the newspaper report even mention Wilson’s failure to charge that groundball that opened the entire first inning open? Or the one hop bouncer out of Wilson’s glove in the 3rd?

And Bay not only missed that "iffy" one in the video above that he didn’t even start his route on until Jack Wilson had turned all the way around on, but horribly misplayed another one at the wall that went over the opposite shoulder of his route into the notch falling in for a double. It was another easy out Bay misplayed.

No – that one isn’t even mentioned in the newspaper report. Maybe they considered that "impossible" instead of just "iffy"? LoL  But we did hear how Grabow forgot to cover first base in a 6-3 game.

It’s all about credibility.

Just like the media in Pittsburgh who seemingly want to paint their own picture for you, so do the Pirates front office. I mean, did Torres calling out Littlefield send this team into a tailspin? After all, Torres is well liked by the players. Now back in Pittsburgh, Torres says it was nothing. But is calling your General Manager a liar and cheat nothing?

Of course, the Pirates have played .211 baseball in the second half (4-15) and have had seen the two extremely unusual skirmishes in the dugout between Colborn and two players. The players are far from focused, they remain indifferent, and Dave Littlefield refuses to do anything but try and rid the clubhouse of his problems instead of managing his personnel.

Littlefield is never going to win running from his problems. And Robert Nutting is a fool for allowing all this to continue. It’s only going to get worse because Littlefield and Colborn have proven they can’t control the players.

If Nutting has any brains what so ever, he’d immediately step in and tell McClatchy to fire Littlefield, he’d have a ‘you’re not going to screw around with me’ Pittsburgh guy like Keith Law become the interim GM to get control of the players, and he would try to salvage the rest of the season before his product’s image is so badly tarnished it becomes dirt.

It’s time to make a move Nutting unless you want to keep looking up at the sky thinking it’s orange like others are painting when in fact it’s blue.

It’s all about credibility. Does anyone in Pittsburgh have any anymore?




    Would you mind letting me know when something positive happens? I’m going to dip out for about 30 days…pretty sure I won’t miss much. take care…PirateFaninPeoria


    I say LET them implode. Let’s get the top pick in the draft for the new CEO and GM and keep our fingers crossed that Nutting accidentally makes a good hire. Let them implode and give the incoming CEO the latitude to make sweeping changes. How sad that this is all the fans can look forward to.


    Dang Jake, where does your manlove for Umpires come from. You think of them as the God’s they think themselves to be. I agree showing up an umpire isn’t the smartest thing to do for your career, but it isn’t the character flaw that you seem to think it is. Watch other teams play, there are all stars, all time greats, that will show displeasure when they are getting squeezed. I agree Paulino and Snell probably have attitude problems, but showing displeasure with a call shouldn’t be the most unprofessional thing you have seen in the last 25 days, much less 25 years.


    Well griping over umpire calls will not get this Pirates team anymore wins More control will thought. Snell control lately has been dogcrap and when he has good control he gets rag tagged. Jourdin, any positive for this franchise is welcomed by buccos fans new GM, new CEO. I would accept a call from Bob Nuttings for the GM spot but hopefully they hire guy who knows what **** he’s doing or we could start our 4th- 5 year plan in a hurry. We need to build it thru the minors cause the projection around the majors is that the Buccos organization is a joke all the way up to Bob Nuttings. Which for us Bucco fans equals no stars coming to the burg which is a shame cause the fans deserve more then that. So slice and dice the payroll spend the payroll on some higher priced talent thru the draft hope you hit a home run on some prospects. The Angels know how to develop talent the assistant GM there is Ex Card Kenny Forsch should he be the next Pirate GM we will see if Nuttings goes this way , NO MARLINS TIES PLEASE.



    I’ve been away from the Pirate forum for a while now, so I thought I would come over and see this site. I don’t always agree with you, but I enjoy your takes.

    I must say that I would love to see a house cleaning in Pittsburgh. I think that Littlefield, and the field management crew need to be sent packing. I would like to see most of the “regulars” sent away as well. Bay, Wilson, Sanchez, Paulino, some young “pitchers” etc. It’s my feeling that they will never win until they find guys who have a habit of winning. These guys mentioned above could be wonderful players if they didn’t have to lead. We need a few young studs and a leader or two.

    It would seem that the Pirates have drafted horribly and have failed to develop the few talented players they have. We need a new player development team as well.


  6. Pirate

    you are one of the most intelligent Pirate fans I have known over the years Conductore – you know this franchise as good as anyone.

    Agreed – blowing up the roster is the thing to do and it should have happened back in 2005 when we had Perez and Bay with good numbers.

    Take care..

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