Tracy Blows Another One

I swear to God, if Jim Tracy would ever listen to historical stats at his disposal, he could be dangerous manager.

Maybe he just doesn’t care anymore?

Top of the 8th, tie game, and who does he bring out in relief of Snell?

Salomon "I have always choked at PNC" Torres with his preposterous 7.78 ERA (17 ER, 18.2 IP) at home.

I understand Torres had the better numbers against the Mets, but that has never – EVER – mattered at PNC with Torres. It seems to be a mental thing – he simply can not handle close games there.

Is Tracy intentionally trying to lose games? It sure looks like it to me. After all, it’s his job to get the best matchup on the field.

It’s all a coincidence, I understand that. But it’s happening wayyyyy too often and it’s getting to the point that all I can do is call Tracy a poor manager for not opening his stat book and putting his players in the best position possible to win games.

Ask Doumit who has cost us numerous games behind the plate where he had no business being.. or Castillo sitting on the bench as Bautista plays much like Sanchez sat last year while Randa played.. or Morris asked to walk into AT&T Park in his last start.. or JvB being pushed too hard and then flung to Indy like a rag doll. And it goes on and on.

So while the media will probably focus on Jack Wilson dropping a sure double play relay throw that gave the Mets their third run, or perhaps the Pirates missed scoring opportunities with men on base despite the fact Nutting’s cheap roster has the third worst BA with runners in scoring position in the league, their focus should be on Tracy who put another one of his players – one who had talked out against the organization no less – in a position to fail. And he did just what Tracy should have expected – he failed.

Update – the media actually focused on Tracy saying it was Torres fault he didn’t retire one of the two batters he faced. There you go – perfect proof Tracy is a knucklehead.

I’m sorry but I have to get this off my chest – Tracy stinks as a manager. I like Colborn and I’ll take Shelby if I have to, but Cox and Tracy are very poor at what they do with a young roster. Tuesday night Cox held back LaRoche from scoring in the 1st that would have been the eventual tying run in the game. And it’s not the first time Cox has held runners at third like they are his personal gold bricks. He’s lame.

I’ve seen enough.. bring back Mac and put Jewett at 3B. LoL

Snell pitched a nice game while dusting off his four-seamer that was touching 97 mph, albeit the FSN gun is well known to be 3+ mph high. He threw some fat pitches he got away with but overall he mixed speeds well and kept the Mets batters guessing. Nice job Ian.

The pen has lost so many games this year it isn’t funny and Capps being in the closing role is one reason it’s happening. Blame that on Tracy too.

Instead of having a closing committee which frees up all our relievers, Capps sits on his butt wasted. He should have been the one to enter the game in the 8th inning – not Torres. That is, if Tracy had any intention of winning the game.

The Pirates have never been so disorganized and disjointed that I can remember since Leyland told McClatchy off and walked away. And that includes the Giles and Benson days when they were outspoken against the Pirates front office.

Looks like the Pirates better be monitoring the weather as it looks like Hurricane Dean is a sure bet to run under the second High coming at him and head into the Gulf of Mexico next week as a major storm. The Pirates play at Houston Friday – Sunday.

Here’s one model’s current projection for next Thursday showing Dean in the Gulf heading North, although that could easily change depending on how long he stays under the High the next day or two (my bet is he makes the Gulf.. whether he travels across Florida or not is the question)


I’ll say it again although some of my readers are sick of hearing it, kudos to Jose Castillo for playing hard. He’s one of the few who has showed up every day this year.

A tip of the hat to Masumi Kuwata who gave it his best while he was with the Pirates. By the way Masumi, how much did you pay the Pirates to put you on the roster and pull you out to play at Yankee stadium? The whole Kuwata thing stunk from day one.

Doumit was put on the 15-day DL like I suggested would happen yesterday. Don’t expect to see him back anytime soon. The Pirates will probably send him to Bradenton to play on the beach for awhile and then have him play a game or two at Indy before coming back. He’s toast.

Maldonado and Kata brought up – oh boy. I suppose that might change later this month as both will probably be released, but for now we get to see more garbage in Pittsburgh. Wah – HOOOOO! I can’t wait for more Tracy spin.




    Isn’t Cota out with injury. I guess Maldonado isn’t a surprise to come up. Wouldn’t Windmill Hernandez be a better utility option then Kata i guess is Jose is trying to win a championship albeit a Minor league championship before he retires so i can’t blame him there maybe goes the same with Russ Johnson either one better options then Kata. Torres had his couple good years as rubber arm Torres now he has declined to Johan Bayliss level(Almost). Don’t you think if Tracy was losing on purpose that they would have got hammered the last 5 by Giants, hehe(sarcasm). Well Ian still continues his 2nd half career struggles he has pitched a little better in the last 2 outings but still is no where near the 1st half pitcher he has been in his career. Current- Before the Break 15-11 3.95era, After- 7-13 5.27era. Jake, where’s Zach Duke at is he still with the club. Him and Maholm have been great in the 2nd half early in there careers.



    First of all thanks for not taking me to task the other day for being so critical of you in my long diatribe. I appreciated your humorous response. I am simply getting SOOOO tired of watching my beloved Pirates lose over and over and over again that it makes me bitter. Add to that the fact that I had a horrible morning at the office and I just decided to vent, and for some reason I made you my target. For that I apologize.

    I do, however, have to disagree with you about JVB. I know you and a few other bloggers/commenters on your blog think he should have been sent to the bullpen to work out his kinks. It is my opinion that his problem is a lack of confidence, not his “stuff”. He was obviously put in a poor position to succeed with the Pirates (in which you pointed out with his scheduled opponents). I think that destroyed his confidence, and then that affected his control. Although he is still having some slight control problems back in Indy (over 3 walks per/9), hopefully these last 3 starts, as well as the next 2, will get his confidence back. THEN, we can bring him back up Sept 1st and stick him in the bullpen. With success there, he could be a strong candidate to win the 5th starting job in the rotation next year.

    McCutchen has caught fire recently, and has his average up to almost .260. Do you think he will be a callup as well? What about Walker? He’s had a very solid year in Altoona. And why in the world isn’t Pearce already on the big league roster? What an unbelievable year he’s having. Am I correct in ranking our top 4 position prospects as Cutch, Walker, Pearce, and Bixler?



    What’s going on? It’s 1 AM and I’m missing the Mets recap. Oh, could we please call up Pearce or Ryan? Do we need another utility infielder?

  4. Pirate

    recruiting – I think JvB probably agrees with your thoughts but I guess I expect more from him – and the Pirates. When a player dominates at the highest level of the farm, there’s no reason to keep him there unless he’s blocked. But that’s my thought.

    Cutch a September callup? No – I doubt it seriously, especially with all the negativity around the Pirates right now. He needs to keep on keeping, if you get my drift. Walker has an outside shot but I doubt even he’ll get any time.

    Ranking top position players? Cutch and Walker for sure, but I regress on any pick after those two. 🙂

    LoL capitol – actually, I was wondering if Tike Redman was available.

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