Toot Toot

We received an invitation to join BlogBurst months ago and today we were finally approved.

Bucco Blog is the only Pittsburgh Pirates fan blog to be available for social media syndication via BlogBurst to over 100 top-tier news and media sites like Reuters, USA Today, Gannett Newspapers, Fox News, and many others. The nice part about the relationship is that we are now subject to some Editorial Review so perhaps I will get a chance to hone my writing skills (but don’t hold your breath – hehe).

It’s an amazing leap for us and fabulous recognition for all our hard work the last two years. Considering only 2,800 blogs have made it into the BlogBurst rolls, it’s really an honor.

As you may remember, Bucco Blog is also going to be distributed via one of Amazon’s new projects that is scheduled for deployment later this year, and we are also hard-linked directly from the Pittsburgh Pirates Sports Illustrated website.

Now all we need is a winning team!

Since the 2007 season began, Bucco Blog has had nearly twice the traffic than either of the two larger Pirates blogs I sampled below.

Thank you for your continued readership, and thank you MLBlogs for providing the opportunity to excel.


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