Comedy Central: the job nobody wants

I have had a few readers email wanting more detail from my research on Joel Skinner. Here you go – more than you’ll ever want to know about Joel Skinner: each managing year in the farm broken down by weekly player and team reports, each team’s statistics, and even a quantitative analysis of his third base coaching skills from 2000 – 2006. Download it here.

What it doesn’t tell you is that Skinner is said to have told Huntington thanks, but no thanks.

Stringonheehaw_3_1So Huntington had to backup and go another way.

Evidently late last week Huntington got approval from Frank Coonelly, who got approval from Robert Nutting, who got approval from Ogden Nutting, to interview Indian’s AAA manager Torey Lovullo for the position.

And it wasn’t just a coincidence that Ogden Nutting, a self-professed kountry boy at heart who probably grew up dining on Patsy Cline and Roy Clark, approved the decision. You see, Torey Lovullo’s pop was the producer for one of Nutting’s favorite shows – Hee Haw.

Now Hee Haw’s backdrop was rural Kornfield Kounty which was said to be a model of a town just south of Nutting’s home in Wheeling, West Virginia – Wegee.

But that wasn’t the main reason Ogden Nutting was said to approve of Lovullo. That came after a cell phone call (yes, believe it or not Ogden does have a cell now) to none other than David Littlefield. You see, when Littlefield was with the Expos as player development director in 1997, he signed Lovullo, although he only lasted 28 games before Littlefield released him.

The story goes that Littlefield told Nutting that it would be a great dishonor to Jim Tracy if Lovullo was hired since he had also interviewed with the Dodgers after Jim Tracy was fired there in 2005.

Nutting took a few minutes to think about it concerned Lovullo only had two years of minor league management experience past AA and didn’t reach the playoffs either year, but remembering all of Kevin McClatchy’s wonderful pranks over the years in Pittsburgh, he decided to pull one off himself. So he called his son Robert and told him Lovullo would be a great hire snickering as he closed his cell phone.

So there you go – now you know one reason why Lovullo is being courted.

The other reason? Nobody else will take the job. Word on the street is that Robert Nutting is paying big name candidates to interview to show the world his baseball corporation really is relevant.

That’s the end of our pseud story.

You knew the Yankees bats would eventually wake up.




    I don’t even know what to say….you’re really a twit. I guess that’s it…when there’s nothing to say, you just start making stuff up for attention. I don’t think I’ll be reading your blog anymore.

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