Southpaws, YouTube TV, and Tidbits

YouTube TV – might take a second to load. If it still doesn’t load up, try reloading the page. Click the arrow and turn your speakers on to watch the evolution of dance. It’s hilarious.. I couldn’t resist sharing it. If the dance video doesn’t start, click the " i " and then click the top video.


A freebie!

The 2007 edition of the Complete Baseball Record Book, published by Sporting News, is available electronically at no cost for the first time.

There are eleven parts and all of them are in PDF format. If you need a PDF viewer, download it free here.

Covered subjects include AL and NL team records, yearly leaders, All-Star Game, and the World Series,

You can download them here: Sporting News.

My retired scout friend asked me today if I knew how well Pirate southpaw starters had done at PNC Park. My immediate reaction was – not too good knowing the Pirates overall record since the park opened.

So I looked..

Team Team Pitching Pitching
GS Record Win% Record Win%
LHP 229 111-118 0.485   76-93 0.450
RHP 340 157-183 0.462 106-128 0.453
overall 569 268-301 0.471 182-221 0.452

Sure enough, when a southpaw started at PNC the Pirates were more apt to win the game behind them since 2001. Interestingly though, right-hand pitchers ended up with a better personal pitching record (win/loss decisions).

As a side note, southpaws have yet to win a game against the Braves at PNC since 2001 in six tries, are 2-13 against the Dodgers, 9-13 vs. the Astros, and have won just 1 in 9 against the D’Backs.

Yet, they have won all five against the Mets, are 13-8 vs. the Reds, and are 16-3 against the Brewers.

The scout wasn’t buying my overall look – he asked me to look at the current staff. So I went back and recompiled just 2006 and 2007 and here’s what I found..

Team Team Pitching Pitching
GS Record Win% Record Win%
LHP 92 47-45 0.511 32-31 0.508
RHP 70 33-37 0.471 23-29 0.442
overall 162 80-82 0.494 55-60 0.478

It’s nice to know this club has a winning record buried somewhere the last two years. And notice it’s over 92 games – that’s certainly not a random event.

Considering the Pirates had three left-hand starters for most of the two years, it’s not so surprising that 57% of the games between 2006-2007 were started by a southpaw. At the same time, it certainly seems like it needs to be over 65%, especially when you consider the Pirates southpaw record in away games between 2006-2007..

Team Team Pitching Pitching
GS Record Win% Record Win%
LHP 89 23-66 0.258 19-49 0.279
RHP 73 32-41 0.438 16-31 0.340
overall 162 55-107 0.494 35-80 0.304


It’s going to take a lot more than an organizational culture change to get better production on the road. The splits you are seeing between home and away are not too terribly unusual for young players. But 23-66 for southpaws on the road is way out of kilter. The scout suggested four wins every ten played on the road is about normal for a very young staff.

Now we have a better idea where we need to pick up our game.

Quick fact —

Three of the top seventeen runs produced (rbi + runs – home runs) players in the National League between 2000 – 2007 were under the Pirates control. Giles at #7 with 1288, Bonds at #13 with 1152, and Aramis Ramirez at #17 with 1087.

How about Steven Pearce racking up the awards? Today he took down the Topps J.G. Taylor Spink Award, an award that has been given since 1988 to the Topps Minor League Player of the Year. Wow..

Big time congrats to Pearce!

The Neal Huntington Show is coming to a forum near you. Simply go to this page and ask any question in 25-words or less to Mr. Neal and he’ll answer them "on a regular basis" in his new question and answer forum.

Good for the Pirates. They have long been poor communicators with the fans so this is a plus. But you have to wonder why Huntington didn’t reach out to, say, Bucco Blog, and answer our readers hard questions instead of sitting behind the censors at pirateball?

So we’ll ask him here. Neal, you are cordially invited to drop by Bucco Blog anytime (video chat, telephone live chat, or online Q&A) and let our readers ask some uncensored questions. The only requirement we have if you attend is that doublespeak isn’t allowed.

Pirates bullpen coach Bobby Ceullar was hired by the Twins to manage their AA affiliate, the New Britain Rock Cats. It’s good to see he got a gig.

Jeff Cox was officially introduced as the White Sox third base coach today too.

In a sign that Trent Jewitt might be getting a promotion to Pittsburgh, Rusty Kuntz joined the Royals as their first base coach today. There sure are a lot of people leaving the organization all of a sudden.

New manager candidates for Huntington?

Andrew McCutchen is having a field day in the AFL while Nyjer Morgan can’t find his stroke. Cutch is having a bit more patience at the plate which is good to see.

And four Pirate farmhands (Davidson, Chavez, Hernandez, and Bresnehan) have combined to throw 20 innings and have allowed fewer runs than the Twin’s Nick Blackburn in his five innings. Smokin’ baby.. just smokin.


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