2007 defensive stats – CHONE’s zone system

We’ll see quite a few different defensive rating system scorecards released over the next few weeks and one of those is CHONE which uses zone rating instead of ball in play data ("projections are based on 4 years of data, age adjusted, and regressed to the mean"). Catchers weren’t rated this year.

Without further adu, here is how one analyst saw the Pirates defensively last year (think +8 runs saved defensively equals one win.. -8 runs would be one loss):

Pos +/- Runs
Wilson, Jack SS 6
Morgan, Nyjer CF 5
LaRoche, Adam 1B 4
Duffy, Chris CF 4
Phelps, Josh 1B 2
Castillo, Jose 3B 2
McLouth, Nate LF 1
Castillo, Jose RF 1
Izturis, Cesar SS 1
Kelly, Don SS 1
Eldred, Brad 1B 0
Pearce, Steve 1B 0
Izturis, Cesar 3B 0
Bautista, Jose CF 0
Davis, Rajai CF 0
Bautista, Jose LF 0
Kata, Matt LF 0
Kelly, Don LF 0
Bautista, Jose RF 0
Eldred, Brad RF 0
Castillo, Jose SS 0
Kata, Matt 2B -1
Kelly, Don 2B -1
McLouth, Nate CF -1
Nady, Xavier LF -1
McLouth, Nate RF -1
Pearce, Steve RF -1
Kata, Matt SS -1
Kata, Matt 3B -2
Nady, Xavier CF -2
Castillo, Jose 2B -4
Doumit, Ryan RF -4
Sanchez, Freddy 2B -6
Bay, Jason LF -6
Nady, Xavier RF -6
Bautista, Jose 3B -17

Yikes.. the range metric boys ripped us apart on defense last year when you consider five of the bottom seven guys are all starters and were -37 runs or -7 wins.


Bay and Bautista we all knew about, Nady in right holds his own but is Craig Wilson’ish shagging flies, but Sanchez -6 at second and LaRoche only +4 at first? Hmm..

If the ball in play metric boys come in with the same type of numbers, you have to figure there’s no way Huntington can afford to deal Jack Wilson. But I suppose Huntington already made it clear he’s keeping Wilson by declining to pick up Izturis for next year today.

For those that want to know, Bixler in Indy was -12 and Paulino is projected at +2 next year.