Moskos, Team USA, Altoona Curve fun

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Anyway, a new forum will be installed on the domain this weekend and be available for commenting on blog posts, telling Huntington how to run the club, or, well, use your imagination.

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Fast track Daniel Moskos?

That’s evidently what the fans want to see. A few readers have also asked if I thought the Pirates new regime would settle him into a starter role first unlike Graham, Littlefield, and Ruby.

When Moskos was drafted many in the media and a few around the game suggested that Moskos should start for a year or more to see if he potentially holds more value to the Bucs, and that’s a sensible expectation. You just never know, especially with left hand pitchers.

Moskos threw routinely in the 90-92 mph range in 2007 at Clemson and his four-seamer hit the mid-90’s, so it’s not like he’s devoid of a power arm. The one thing that plagued him in his early college days was an inability to repeat his delivery consistently. That seemed to start changing in 2006 when he played with Team USA and carried over into 2007.

But since he’s had a low inning workload from high school days on up, he went through a dead arm period in each of 2005 and 2006 with Clemson, and with some suggesting he might have had a deadarm after joining the Pirates last year, I doubt we’re going to see Huntington and Stark try to extend out his arm any further.

Look for 2008 to be a year the Pirates breakdown his mechanics and work on him repeating and after they feel comfortable with him and he shows he can produce, they will turn him loose and let him move as quickly as he merits movement.

Now, will Moskos be replacing Marte if he’s dealt by the July deadline? I doubt you’ll see him that soon and that’s why Huntington picked up Dumatrait and will probably pack him away in AAA for a bit.

Still I would guess there is a chance you could see Moskos by the end of the year if he proves his worth, which means he attacks hitters throwing strikes, he listens to the Pirates game plan for him and executes it the best he can, and he’s repeating his delivery and not having command problems.

Instead, look for a September call up to get his feet wet and a spot in the bullpen in 2009.

Speaking of Team USA, they clinched the top seed Wednesday and will play in the quarter-finals thanks primarily to Andy LaRoche who drove in 11 runs in the final three games. Pearce and Bixler went a combined 0-7 in Wednesday’s game and were 6-22 over the final three.

You can watch Friday’s game starting at 5 AM Eastern Friday and hope to get a glimpse of Pearce and Bixler. They will be the "Quarter Final 4" game listed at Stadeo TV’s website.

Bond’s was indicted after Greg Anderson evidently snitched talked… who would have thought? Here’s a statement by Babe Ruth’s daughter on the indictment.

Interestingly, says it’s a "sad day for baseball", ESPN tells us to not expect Bonds to seek a plea arrangement, and Rueters says Bonds is now "forever tainted".

At least Bud Selig still believes in the Constitution.

So I wonder, if Bonds #756 baseball fetched $752,467, what could the average Joe amass after being on the jury that convicts him? Or conversely, what if Bonds hits another home run with an OJ Simpson type of jury and is found innocent?

One thing for sure, doping isn’t kewl and it’s a shame the game is going to take a hit from all this.

A-Rod settles for 10/275.. the Yankees are so cheap to pay him the value of the entire Pirates franchise.. plus. Geez..

So much for the Ronny Paulino to Mets rumors some fans evidently started to believe.

Take your pick of any four you want: Chad Billingsley, infielders James Loney and Andy LaRoche, outfielder Matt Kemp or top pitching prospect Clayton Kershaw.

That’s about the price tag the Marlins want from the Dodgers to get Miguel Cabrera, some are saying.

I suppose that means Bay could get us between one and one-half to two of the five?

From the Altoona Curve website:

"The Altoona Curve’s annual Fall Open House will take place on Saturday, November 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Blair County Ballpark.  As part of the annual event, fans will have the opportunity to tour all areas of the ballpark, win Curve door prizes, take swings in the indoor batting cages, participate in fun kids’ activities, mingle with Curve mascots Steamer and Diesel Dawg and participate in a food drive to help less fortunate members of our community.

"Admission is FREE with the donation of at least one non-perishable canned food item per person.  All canned items collected as part of the food drive will be sent to St. Vincent DePaul’s Society Food For Families Soup Kitchen to benefit those less fortunate during the upcoming Holiday season. The Curve will also help raise money for the St. Vincent DePaul’s Society Food For Families Soup Kitchen by holding a special soup sale. For $5, those attending the event will take home one quart of wedding soup and a loaf of bread."

Pretty kewl deal.

Hey Chuck, I’ve always wondered.. are hot dog sales in your park below league average with a mascot called Diesel Dawg?

Tim’s fabulous MLB Trade Rumors site has 7 pages, 154 paragraphs, 4,024 words, and 23,401 characters including spaces on the home page as I write this, but not one single Pirate rumor.


Are we rebuilding or hibernating?

Gut the dang team Neal. C-ya Snell. C-ya Bay. C-ya Nady. C-ya Torres and Marte. C-ya Wilson. C-ya Sanchez.

Keep Maholm, Capps, Gorzy, Paulino, sign LaRoche long term unless you can get a Votto and lets get some top young prospects since farm systems are loaded in baseball right now.

Who cares if we lose 115? I mean, is the pain any different at 115 than 90? Let’s get some top talent for a couple of years since we don’t have the quality stock to dump to rebuild the farm with. It might take longer but we’ll be one heck of a lot stronger in the end.

Playing a Littlefield stand pat and ask for the moon x 2 routine just means we all suffer.