Team USA Gold; Pirate Pride

Hey – hey – hey! Team USA took home the Gold Cup for the first time since 1974.

Congrats to Steve Pearce and Brian Bixler – a fabulous job!

Since the other week I was caught off guard to find out the Pirates front office were my most frequent visitor, I decided to check which page was their favorite.

It was this one: Tidbits where we said October 2cd:

"God help us if we end up entering a rebuilding stage with a first year controlling owner Chairman (Nutting), a virgin CEO (Coonelly), virgin GM (Huntington), virgin player development director (Creech?), who knows who as the scouting director and staff (virgin Delli Carri?), a virgin big league manager (Graham?), and God knows who as the pitching coach (perhaps virgin Jeff Andrews?).

"That’s not rebuilding, that’s lunacy."

Folks, it has come to pass.. we are officially being run by newbies now and it is expected John Russell will announce even more this week.

Corrigan1 <—— That means this guy will be the only non-virgin in the house.. scouting director Larry Corrigan.

However, he won’t be lonely.

You see, John Russell and Bob Nutting both wear horn-rimmed glasses, Kevin McClatchy, Don Beaver, and Frank Brenner all wear designer horn-rims, and Jeff Andrews wears Dollar Store horn-rims.

Someone wanted my opinion on Corrigan so I won’t take any rim shots. Oh man. Anyway, as I mentioned last week, Corrigan would be better served as Huntington’s #1 and out evaluating professional ballplayers instead of pushing paper, but I assume Corrigan turned him down. If nothing else, Corrigan has a pitching background which is what we need to rebuild with.

Speaking of horn rimmed glasses, the Pirates will unveil their 109 page culture change manifesto next week as they pile on more horn-rimmed glasses types. The bottom line? They all want to develop these young men and teach them the ropes.. show them the way… turn this club into a bunch of winners.

Next year’s slogan? P R I D E. Passion. Pittsburgh Pirates Profits.

One fan’s package idea for Bay: Matt Garza SP, Jose Morales C, Brandon Roberts OF. Talk about it with him at Bucco Blog’s new discussion forum.

Expect shorter posts than normal this week as I’m traveling for the holiday.