Nashville Buzz, fodder, and Rule 5

Nashville Buzz update:

— as we expected, the Bay to Indians rumor on the floor became a non-issue and now the Jays are said to be potentially interested. LaCava certainly knows this roster and our farm inside-and-out and he also knows Huntington.

My guess? As I’ve said all along, if Huntington gets his 2 to 3 prime cut package, he’ll deal him, but I expect Bay will open a Pirate and then get dealt once the teams make sure he is mentally and physically healthy.

But don’t throw the Indians out the door on Bay just yet by any means.

— the D’backs interest in Snell was probably also lobby fodder, as they are off onto Haren. Once NL scout just told me that Snell is available if the GM’s first born is also included. In other words, Huntington will listen to offers but evidently he’s made Snell and Gorzy next to untouchable. Malholm, well..

— the Mets very well may bring Nady back if the Bucs are willing to let him go cheap. That’s the feeling I’m getting. Same with the Nats taking on Doumit, which is another rumor floating out there that seems a bit off, if you know what I mean.

— The Braves interest in Duffy evidently came from a newspaper report and was talked about by a couple of people in emails. I’m guessing if they can’t find anyone else, but keep them in mind for Marte.

— McLouth is drawing interest because, as we showed you, he’s about the only clutch bat the Pirates have (plus, he had the 2cd highest offensive xERA at 5.50 on the 25-man (Phelps was first at an insane 8.24) fueled by a 1.4 HR/9). He’s a rough cover guy for center but there are teams that don’t care because they mash. Huntington’s not going to let him go cheap, if at all dealing Bay.

I wish I was in Nashville this year because there is so much junk floating between the emails I’m getting and media reports, it’s hard to pick out the good stuff. Instead, I’m feeding you raw reports as I receive them – some from people at the hotel, some from people around the game who know people there, some from anonymous emails I’m getting, and lastly from aggregated media reports.

I did find it interesting that one Pittsburgh paper said Nady was going to be non-tendered by the Pirates, and then a few hours later had to issue a retraction/correction/update.

Then today one major newspaper would report a rumor and 15 minutes later an reporter would chime in the rumor was false. Tonight we’re hearing that started the 2/32 Dodger deal to Andruw Jones, ESPN then stated it was nearly done, and now the LA Times debunks the entire rumor saying the Dodgers never made an offer and, as far as they know, nobody has.

It’s not that these reporters were wrong that has me stumped because everyone gets things wrong, it’s that they were so far out in left field that bothers me. Beat reporters covering the Pirates have media credentials and access to the media director, the team, the front office.. and they are all still way out there in their coverage.

Bucco Blog doesn’t have a bit of access but we broke the LaRoche deal, we kept you up to date on the Huntington/LaCava saga, we first broke the Perry Hill offer, and we first broke the Lou Frazier interest. It’s a tribute to our sources who we tip our hat to thanking them for understanding that we are, first and foremost, Pittsburgh Pirates fans.

But YOU benefit from it most. At least, that’s my prayer.

To that end, I’m backing out of the rumor mill the next few days unless it is from an A++ source. I’ll let some of the Pittsburgh beat reporters handle the local fodder game.

Speaking of fodder, one Pittsburgh newspaper is suggesting the Pirates have an interest in Brett Tomko. This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. Sure, the Pirates have an interest in A-Rod too, but that doesn’t mean they will ever get the player to sign and come here.

Tomko is so hittable anymore it isn’t funny. He still has 96 mph heat but he’s inconsistent and he doesn’t have the late breaking stuff anymore, he’s a health disaster, and he’s struggled out of the pen. Why in the world would the Pirates have any interest in Tomko?

They don’t, be my guess. But the Reds..

And even more fodder, waiver wire pickups Josh Wilson and Ty Taubenheim are likely to be headed to AAA. My guess is that Huntington is going to use Coonelly’s knowledge of the wire to try and get these guys passed through so they can be sent to AAA. There’s no other explanation for picking them up. None.

I understand Huntington is claiming Wilson is good enough to play out a year, as well as Taubenheim possibly challenging for the 5th rotation or a pen spot, but come on.. these are Dave Littlefield type of acquisitions. It’s a new team doing the same deeds.

The Pirates were granted an extra option year on John Van Benschoten and Brad Eldred today. JvB was expected, but Eldred is a bit of a surprise. Wait, he was DFA’d.

It’s pretty doubtful anyone will claim him, don’t fret.

The Pirates were not granted an extra option year on Sean Burnett so he’s history if he doesn’t make the roster out of spring training. Look for him in the pen.

Brian Barton of the Indians, Chris Lubanski Royals, Fernando Hernandez White Sox, Justin Hedrick Giants, and Padres Paul Abraham are all possible high Rule 5 selections this year.

I’m guessing the Pirates have the #2 pick in Rule 5.