Updates from Nashville

Winter Mettings Buzz (stuff others are hearing around the lobby):

That’s all for tonight – many of the clubs are out eating now. I’ll post any additional rumors in tonight’s daily post.

7:45 PM: The White Sox just DFA’d AAA southpaw Heath Phillips (26 years old) and are listening to offers for him:

2007 CHA 4.30 4.90 173.2 10.3 5.6 2.9 .289 .342 .456
2006 CHA 2.96 3.47 155 8.8 5.9 2.3 .258 .304 .374

6:24 PM: Bay to Indians seems to be nearly a done deal – Cliff Lee (owed $9.5M yet and a real makeup problem guy) and Kelly Shoppach. Wow.. wow.. wow.. not good folks. There has to be more to this than we know. Mitchell’s report perhaps? Either that or the lobby is seeing pigs flying.

6:22 PM: Coco Crisp a Ranger? Tonight?

6:20 PM: Brewers are supposedly in on Scott Rolen.

Our aquisitions:

Ty Taubenheim:

2007 IL 89 10.8 7.4 3.3 4.99 .299 .468 .358
2007 EL 31.1 6.1 8.4 3.2 2.36 .189 .285 .262
2006 IL 75.2 9.0 5.7 2.2 4.21 .260 .413 .303

Josh Wilson:
not even worth posting – I would have kept Brian Rogers on the roster over this guy but I’m assuming Huntington has Rogers dealt, probably to the Rockies.

Taubenheim is a solid pickup if healthy. I’m lost on the Wilson pickup.
update: Taubenheim is fodder, one scout suggests, wondering why the Pirates even bothered.

5:40 PM: Miguel Cabrera is getting play from three new teams, one thought to be the White Sox of all things.

5:35 PM: a Pittsburgh paper is reporting we might acquire utilityman Jamey Carroll from the Rockies. (ughh)

5:32 PM: Bucs might take Fernando Hernandez (White Sox) or Padres Paul Abraham in Rule 5 if they get a shot.

5:30 PM: nearly every AL team in baseball is tied to Marte, one person writes jokingly. Favorite suitors so far seem to be Yankees and Braves. Maybe a Jair Jurrgens Duffy/Marte deal with some backend in the package? Who knows.

5:30 PM: Talk about Duffy in the lobby – the Braves may have a luke warm interest.

5:20 PM: Rays Elijah Dukes is a Nat, some are saying. For a PTBNL, of all things. update: PTBNL is Glenn Gibson 

5:18 PM: Steve Finley has a sign around his neck walking around the lobby that says: "hire me"

5:15 PM: Reds 3B Edwin Encarnacion is being floated around as available.

5:05 PM: Finally a real Pirates rumor. D’backs might have an interest in Ian Snell and Carlos Quentin could be one of the players being offered. update – Quentin is being dealt to the White Sox for Chris Carter.

5:00 PM: More talk about Bay to the Tribe and Alex Rios (Jays) being shopped.

5:00 PM: the Reds are all over the lobby – now it’s Tim Lincecum; the Astros are said to be on Joe Nathan from the Twins! which sounds nuts.

5:00 PM: Bucs did two wire deals – Rays Josh Wilson and Blue Jays Ty Taubenheim. More on them later. Eldred and Rogers were DFA’d.

5 pm – geez, maybe I shouldn’t have left for a couple of hours!

1:50 PM: Tony Gwynn Jr (Brewers) to Padres?

1:40: Talk on the floor about Heyman’s article at ESPN saying the Mets may have an interest in Nady.

1:40 PM: Reds after Dontrelle Willis?

1:25 PM: Sounds like the Yankees told the Twins do the deal for Johan Santana today or we are outta’ here.