Updates from Music City, Day Two

Buzz heard around the hotel lobby:

8:15 PM: Can Torres’ medicals even pass another teams scrutiny? Ughhh..

7:23 PM: Who knows what happened. Maybe medicals are an issue? More later when I can devulge what I heard. No.. it wasn’t Gomez.

4:55 PM: I swear.. it’s –><– this close. And not who you expect. Hang on.

1:57 PM: Rumors are running that the Indians tried to get Rios from the Jays to be able to talk better with the Pirates on Bay. Kudos to Huntington for holding his ground on the Lee offering.

(side note – Nate McLouth is going to probably reap more than Bay in terms of return for production achieved. It’s simply amazing how many teams are after him. Huntington is smart to keep shopping him.. waiting for that solid return, if it comes.)

1:30 PM: Hmm… we might be getting close to a deal. Stay tuned.