Music City Updates, Day Three

Buzz heard around the hotel lobby:

5:00 PM: I heard the report that Dejan’s article this morning was a pure fabrication. Almost everything he’s written since coming back has been that way it seems. I’m not one to jump to his aid by any means but you should know there was talk, there still is, and the Indians just haven’t met Huntington’s "let’s make a deal" price yet.

4:50 PM: Yankees won’t give up Hughes – perhaps the Pirates asked for him and the Yankees laughed? Not sure. Ian Kennedy won’t get it done I’m hearing. Maybe Jose Tabata’s name will enter the picture?

3:10 PM: Confirmed.. Braves sought Duffy and rejected his medicals. The same thing could have happened on Grabow and Torres. Now I’m wondering if Bay will even pass scrutiny.


12:40 PM: PULL THE STRING HUNTINGTON. My bud close to the Yankees say they want Snell and we can get Hughes. They also want Marte. What the total package is I don’t know, but Huntington seems reluctant to do it. OMG.. so much for the "mystery" deal. The D’backs have been calling on Snell too. Wait, is Bay in this deal somehow too? Hmm.. it might be getting interesting.

12:02 PM: Did Huntington miss out on a Phil Hughes package for Snell? Some say the Yankees called. Hmm…

11:30 AM: Some are saying the PG’s report about the Indians and Bay is in left field. Hmm.. I’m not so sure – I’ve heard Shapiro will be Huntington’s primary trading partner since, oh.. since October. Nothing new there.

11:27 PM: good gosh – just what we need, Bedard to the Reds? OMG.

11:05 AM: The Indians/Bay talk could be causing another team to move in. Word has it Huntington’s phone has started to ring in earnest for, perhaps, the first time since the start of the meetings for a player not named Marte.

9:20 AM: The last text message says the "mystery" deal is still alive.. just stalled. Perhaps later today, I’m told.

9:10 AM: Third text message indicates the Indians couldn’t get Rios as I mentioned yesterday so they will have to upgrade their offer, which they have. Huntington has rejected that as well, and now they are talking about adding Gutierrez and a prospect.

Gutierrez’s stats:

AB H/9 2B/9 3B/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 xERA
CLE AL 2007 24 271 9.2 1.7 0.3 1.7 2.7 9.8 4.61
CLE AL 2006 23 136 9.6 2.3 0.0 0.3 0.8 7.3 2.85
IL AAA 2006 23 349 9.6 2.7 0.0 0.9 4.8 8.3 4.48

Paulino vs Shoppage:

Paulino 07 26 457 9.1 0.8 2.5 6.0 3.76 0.315 8.1 18.9
Paulino 06 25 442 11.5 0.5 2.9 6.6 3.65 0.362 16.4 23.2
Shoppach 07 27 161 9.1 1.5 2.4 12.1 4.48 0.312 8.3 16.5
Shoppach 06 26 110 8.4 0.9 2.5 14.0 2.79 0.297 -0.6 16.4

8:57 AM: I wake up to find four text messages from overnight – my latest post struck a nerve and it very well could be get off the pot day. Well good.. the ship is sunk and is now being covered up with sediment from the bottom of the sea. Somebody better start bailing.