Pirates Not Relevant? Are You Kidding?

7,300 hits Wednesday on a blog with no comments – are you kidding me? Where’s my credentials Mr. Trdinich?

If the Pittsburgh Pirates had any doubts about how much hope Pirate fans have, these website stats will quickly dispel them. Since Bucco Blog is an affiliate site of the Pirates, they have access to my stats via MLB.com – they know these hits aren’t from one large source.. they are 95% random hits – Mom and pop Pirate fans.

Folks, that’s a total of 29,992 page views in three days from the sites. That’s almost as many page views as the Pirates sold tickets for the entire final three-game Brewers series last year.

At that rate, Bucco Blog would accumulate more than one-quarter of a million views in one month and nearly 3.5 million over a year which is dang close to rivaling Pittsburgh newspapers online sites, blows away the local TV station sites – times ten, and is more than double what the Pirates sell in tickets per year.

From a blog.. a blog on one of the losingest professional sports teams in history.


Ok.. it’s wheel and deal time – blog traffic is up. But it tends to show the Pirates they have the fans who want to believe.. they have the fans who are begging for a reasonably competitive product.. they have the support. Just look at the energy being expelled. My God.

A Pirates blog turning this type of traffic is ridiculous. A Yankees site, ok. A Red Sox site, I understand. Even the Rays now. But the Pirates?

We all need our heads examined.