Second Avenue Buzz in the Music City

With everyone partying in Nashville tonight, there’s not going to be a lot more dealing until they all come back around 1 or 2 AM half crocked, be my guess.

One deal hangs by a thread.. the mystery deal.

Other than that, the latest buzz is no buzz. The Bay/Snell/Marte deal to the Yankees was overheard in the suite area by my source and he thought it was legit. He still thinks they are talking, but for who or what he doesn’t know.

Perhaps it’s for Marte as the media has speculated? But that’s a simple deal for New York.. it doesn’t take days to pull the string on him. Even if overpriced, it still doesn’t add up to Yankee tip money at a meal.

So perhaps my source is right and things are stalled. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Pirates are after a couple of low key starters which makes me believe they still intend to deal one of their own. Morris is the obvious guy they will want to deal but the one time I heard the Pirates were approached they weren’t willing to hand over much cash in the deal.

So, does that mean they would rather keep Morris? Or, are they just posturing wanting the world now and willing to take tidbits later? Hard to say, but that has been Huntington’s MO so far and he’s getting beat as his own game.

If I was to guess overall, I’d say the clubs that had any interest at all have dialed Huntington’s number, talked to him, received a dissertation on why his players are worth so much, and the other parties have hung up. The up and down talk we’ve heard about Bay to the Indians could be nothing more than a setup for a later deal to try and make Huntington look better via Shapiro.

As I stated yesterday, I don’t think Huntington can get the job done. Maybe next year.. maybe.

Rule 5 is tomorrow and who knows who Huntington has in mind. I expect a reliever because, as I mentioned yesterday, we have the same ideology playing out as with Littlefield. Remember now, Corrigan hasn’t been running a circuit in years so Huntington is basically stuck with Littlefield’s old staff making recommendations to him.

Again, Fernando Hernandez (White Sox) is my selection but I don’t have the inside on three of the five scouting criteria on him.. I’m simply looking at stats and mound presence and what I think we need.

Whoever the Pirates select won’t make much of a difference anyway. There’s really not too many tools in this draft.

Stay tuned tomorrow as the "Nashville Buzz" continues.