Da Buzz, Day Four

Nashville Buzz, day four:

12:37 PM: Nothing new on the trade front in the email inbox other than a few folks saying the Pirates are out of their mind not to keep Castillo another year knowing they are dealing Marte (even money) and the new front office and coaching staff. I agree. I still think he’s a late bloomer as is typical for Venezuelan players, and I still think he’s a better second baseman than Sanchez will ever dream being.

12:35 PM: Pirates selected Evan Meek in Rule 5 and unconditionally released Jose Castillo.

Meek’s stats:

2007 SL 4.30 1.61 0 67 9.9 9.3 4.6 0.3 2.91
2006 CAL 5.14 1.67 25 124 10.3 8.7 4.8 0.4 3.26

Converted starter, reverse-righty (perhaps to fill in if Marte dealt), when he finds the plate he at least keeps the ball in the park.

I have to assume this was a straight Larry Corrigan pick under the Pirates old "we want groundball pitchers" ideology. The only twist with Meek from the old regime is that Meek also misses some bats and was nearly unhittable toward the end of the year and in the AFL where all the scouts were watching. But at 24, he should have been missing bats..

Pirates lost Smellin Perez.. geez, now what do we do for 2020?

4:30 AM: had a couple of great conversations with a few folks and think I have a handle on the Yankees deal. Right..

Anyway, Marte’s name and Jose Tabata’s have come to the surface after a couple of lower level prospects were discarded as insufficient (another McCutchen??). Whether Tabata has been accepted by both teams yet, I haven’t a clue. The Yankees were on Ron Mahay but backed off (price too high?).

I don’t know if they have any interest in Snell or not at this point. There was at least a third team involved at one point – might still be, maybe even a fourth – and evidently Bay might have gotten spun off. I’m not sure the Yankees approached the Pirates about Bay – it might have been talk in their suite only, and probably internal based on a trade they were lining up with the third team (for a 1B??).

Nobody is hearing Grabow’s name. Not sure where he was stuck in, or by whom. Perhaps he is but my sources don’t know about it and doubts any team would even consider him right now.

This (Marte/Tabata – if that’s the player) might actually get done in the morning, one source is saying. If Snell is a part of the deal, it’s going to take more time and the deal probably expands to the other club(s) involved.

There is some talk around about McLouth and Philly but I’m hearing that was a PR release and pookie.

(Note: I’m off to bed now that the calls are over and my son was able to finally go back to sleep. Flu bug. I’ll check back in about noon or so.)