THE Report retort. More missed opportunities?

Mitchell’s report.

I’m glad it’s over, names have been released, and the game can move forward. I have to tell you, I heard Bay’s name rumored everywhere over the last few months and I’m certainly glad he wasn’t a part of it. Kudos to the young man, as well as all the players in our system.

And kudos the the Pirates for agreeing to work with MLB on continuing drug education to the players. The fans are naive if they think coach’s coffee, marijuana, or other forms of drugs aren’t being used by some players.

As for the teams who have players identified, as fans we should let MLB and the players union decide their fate. Each club will make their own decisions but I doubt any of them are going to release any of the players named.

If nothing else, I hope this all leads to an independent testing agency – it’s the one thing that should be done. Obviously the report could have had hundreds of players if Mitchell been able to get everyone to testify, so MLB needs to move forward on their testing now.

Expect a lot of movement by the teams signing free agents, trades, etc over the next 10 days to take the edge off the Mitchell report best they can.

Add the Pirates to that mix.

Why not an Ian Snell package to the Mariners for Jeff Clement if Paulino is dead weight for Russell? How many times have I mentioned this? Ok.. too many. I’ll stop.

The Jays signed David Eckstein at $4.5 over 1 year.

Are you kidding me?

He’s at least a league average defender at short and, while his bat drags some, that still makes him a +1.5 win player over average which should have gotten him at least $6 – $7M.

Talk about a steal.

So where were the Pirates in all this? By snatching Eckstein they could have put Bautista on the pine by moving Sanchez to third and Eckstein to second AND had a true-blue MLB leadoff man. Or, better yet, they could have dealt Wilson which is what they really needed to do since he’s at his high point right now, contract notwithstanding.

That’s one Huntington badly missed.. much like Vizciano.

Oh wait – that’s right.. the new leadership doesn’t believe in moving players around like Sanchez because it "helps their bat" by staying put. Ok.. I’ll buy that theory.. some. But Sanchez is going to rake his singles no matter what position he plays, we desperately need OBP and a leadoff man, and Sanchez certainly isn’t a solid pivot man anyway. Plus we know Wilson’s days are numbered, so having Eckstein around to take over until 2009 or 2010 at two-thirds to half the cost just makes sense.


Rob Mackowiak signed a 1.5/1 deal with the Nats. Now here’s a guy who is a dead pull hitter from the left side of the plate with some pop in his bat, has a decent arm for right field and can play third or first, and a guy who is loved by Pirates fans, and Huntington passed him over for..

Chris Gomez – a singles hitter who has produced over MLB RC27 average just once in his 15 year career, who decided taking walks is something he won’t do six of his last seven years, and who isn’t that much better than Macko with a glove other than at short, or..

Josh Wilson who doesn’t even compare to either player.

Now who would you rather have on the roster? Macko and Eckstein at, say a lousy $7M, or Josh Wilson and Chris Gomez at $1.5M? Do you not think the $5.5M difference would have netted us at least +2 wins plus reinforce our ability to pull some thump off the bench and have players around if we do dump?

I certainly do.

Random thought off the top of my head..

Nady/Macko platoon

Thompson or Morgan

Not too shabby for a no spending small-market club.

Oh well..

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