Forum is now open! Plus, a beta chatroom

Baseball Media Interactive (BIM) has put up a brand spanking new VBulletin board discussion forum for Pittsburgh Pirates fans to have a ball with. It’s lightening fast, offers a lot of extras (like a calendar system they are working on to include the Pirates schedule, MLB important dates, etc), and even has a classifieds section where you can sell or buy tickets, among other things.

The URL is:

But before you go let me warn you that you’ll have to register with a valid email account that isn’t from a free system like Yahoo or Hotmail. Just use your main Internet account and you’ll be fine. Your email will always be hidden from other users. If you don’t have one, email me on the right sidebar and I’ll get you one.

The old discussion forum at will be closing so move on over and get it rocking!

BIM has also put up a chatroom or shoutbox which is in beta mode. I haven’t tried it yet but I know they are working on refinements, so have patience as it evolves.

That URL is: