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Happy Thanksgiving!



Server maintenance

Just a short note to let you know that Bucco Blog will be undergoing server and database maintenance the next few days so if you happen to see a page that looks more goofy than normal, or the site doesn’t come up for you at one time or another, you’ll know why. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Fan Selling One-of-a-kind Pirates Gear


I don’t usually post these types of fan advertisements, but I was contacted by a fan who is selling some of his Pirates memorabilia and after checking things out, he really has some great stuff and seems willing to make a very good deal with the right collector.

Baseballs, display cases, paintings, and a bat. He even has one of those Pete Rose baseballs. I was interested because he has McCutchen and Walker bobbleheads.

Check out the sale here: Pirates Gear For Sale

Happy Father’s Day!

Surf1 My little surfer dude loves the beach and the pool.

Today I found out he has learned how to squirt water squeezing his hands together like a pump. Boy did I find out.

Kids are great – they keep you young and they keep you guessing.

I pray everyone in your life is healthy and happy.

And The Reds Think They Have Problems?


$4.29 per gallon of gas in Orlando, Florida. (When do we elect a new Pres?)

Un-believable. I’m going to have to fire up my ’57 K-model here pretty soon.

Happy Memorial Day! May all your family cookouts be hearty (just don’t drink soda pop!).

Since many of the front office gurus and players have property in Florida, I thought I should take a second to mention that there’s a chance a hurricane may develop next week:

That’s the current Canadian model (CMC) from the Florida State’s computer showing a 90-hour run. It’s suggesting the path with be more northerly into the Gulf of Mexico to the panhandle, whereas a few of the more established models have it cutting across Florida much lower and with much less intensity, and one or two models don’t even see it.

Whether it develops over the next few days or not, I have no clue – I’m not a Met. It seems everyone is waiting to see if more intensification occurs before getting too worried. If nothing else, the state has a chance to see significant rainfall.

But if it does, it could be a late developer like Alberto was last year so stay tuned to NOAA radio and the National Hurricane Center.