McClatchy on Moving ST to Sarasota

Pirates CEO Kevin McClatchy cleared the air today that the Pirates are not moving ST to Sarasota:

"I never spoke to the Cincinnati Reds about a joint facility in Sarasota. Where that came from, I’m not sure. But we’re very happy with the relationship we have with the City of Bradenton and the county. We’ve been here longer than most teams have ever been in their Spring Training facility. The people of Bradenton have been great to us and we look forward to a long relationship here." — McClatchy, on reports the Pirates were considering moving their winter home to Sarasota

If you know McClatchy’s doublespeak, all he really says above is that HE never spoke with the REDS, that he didn’t know where the source came from, and that the org is happy in Bradenton.

He did NOT say the organization didn’t speak with anyone.

I’m glad this is past us. 

BTW, the homeless shelter across the street from the stadium in Bradenton is now open if anyone needs a place to stay. The methadone clinic down the street opens in a few weeks.


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