I found out that Andrew McCutchen will be recording a weekly journal of his time in the AFL at Minor League Baseball. Be sure to tune in and see if Cutch is doing the chicken dance for everyone.

The Hawaiian League is in gear and Brad Corley and Jamie Romak are off to a good start. Much like the AFL, the HL doesn’t feature many quality pitchers so don’t read a lot into the stats.

There sure is a lot of talk in the media about Jim Tracy potentially being fired. Even pirateball.com said:

"It won’t be too long before general manager Neal Huntington will conclude his comprehensive evaluation process, one that has been exhaustive.."

That is a joke, isn’t it? .. ‘comprehensive’.. ‘exhaustive’..


The man has been on the job all of eight days. He barely knows everyone’s first name much less had time to do an ‘ehaustive’ evaluation of the entire organization.

You have to assume Neal Huntington wants his own teams in place but unless he has some major changes in store over the winter, it’s not really going to matter much who manages the club in 2008. So why waste more than a million dollars just to be sexy?

Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, all things considered over the years under Robert Nutting’s control.

Did someone mention Phil "Marriott" Garner’s name?


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